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When you start a new business, one thing that no one mentions is just how easy it can be to fall out of love with it down the line. The stress and pressure of running your own decorating business can lead to burnout or make it difficult to get the same enjoyment out of it as you once did and finding a solution can seem daunting. Whether you’re self-employed, or you run a decorating company, taking steps to fall back in love with your business could help you to turn a better profit, improve productivity and get the same enjoyment out of your job as when you first started. But what can you do? We’re exploring, below.

Step Back And Get A Fresh Perspective

After spending years in the same job or running the same business, it can be difficult to lose perspective. If the stress of your current workload is getting too much, take a look back at where you first started and how far you’ve come since. Reminding yourself of not only the progress you’ve made but why you fell in love with the business in the first place can set you back on the right path to keep things growing.

Perspective is a valuable thing in business, regardless of the industry; having a wider view can help you overcome an issue or see the cause of a problem. Is there something about the job that’s bothering you the most? By taking on a different perspective to that issue, you can work out solutions that could ultimately help your business run more smoothly and give you the time to focus on what you love about it, rather than what was causing the stress.

Get The Right Cover

Constantly worrying about making mistakes or the legal side of your business can wear you down quickly and lead to burnout. Painters and decorators have a number of things to worry about in their job, from accidents such as falling from ladders or the public slipping on paint or wallpaper paste to any damage caused by spilt paint or dropped tools. With the right insurance, however, you will be covered against claims made by the public and by your employees.

Public Liability Insurance for painters and decorators covers any damage caused during business activity and any injury that might occur to the public in the case of an accident. Insurance can cover the cost of any claims made, to ensure that you and your company aren’t financially affected in these cases.

Employer’s liability insurance is a compulsory cover for any business that hires one or more people. It offers protection against any employee claims in the case of accidents or injury, covering legal costs, compensation and more.

By holding these two types of insurance, you can go to work or send employees to work with peace of mind that you are covered in cases of damage, injury or accidents. Additional covers such as Tools insurance or Contracts Work Cover are also available where needed, but aren’t compulsory.

Try New Things

The painting and decorating industry is constantly changing, with new and exciting materials, techniques and designs rolling in as the year progresses. This spring, in particular, is set to see a rise in bold colours in decorating, meaning painters and decorators could get the chance to be more creative with their work, rather than sticking to the same muted palettes. The demand for making a statement in the home could lead to more innovative designs both at home and in commercial properties. While you are somewhat limited to what the client wants, discussing new ideas could not only introduce them to an innovative change they hadn’t thought of, it could give you the opportunity to try something new yourself.

Even the rustic and minimalistic trends require some creativity. Not everyone is content with plain white walls, and want a more textured or unique look. Learning a new painting technique or skill could put you in the limelight for those seeking something different while giving you that much-needed refuel of passion for your business.

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