Car parks and parking lots can be found everywhere in the UK. They are often run by large businesses and local councils but they can also be privately owned by individuals and small companies. If you own private car park or a series of parking bays used by public motor vehicles then it is your responsibility to ensure the parking area is correctly insured whether you charge for parking there or not. Ashburnham’s commercial car park insurance product is suitable for single storey parking spaces on privately owned land.
Car Park Insurance

The average household spends £47 per year on non-residential parking

Why do I need insurance for my car park?

Parking on privately owned land brings a number of risks to the landowner. Whilst the vehicle owners are responsible for their own motor insurance, any damage caused to the vehicle by the land and its features could become your responsibility. Also, anyone walking to or from their parking spot within the boundaries of your parking lot, could trip on the ground and injure themselves. Taking out a commercial car park insurance policy would give cover to such unexpected events.

Do you allow barriers?

There is the option to add features such as electric gates and automatic barriers to your policy. The may add a small price to your policy but give added protection for any injury or damage these may cause.

How much does it cost?

Car park insurance starts at £264.00 for one year of insurance cover.

So what do I do next?

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We can also cover private roads that may be used to get to and from your car park.