Tools Cover


If you use hand tools or portable power-driven hand-held tools then you may want to consider getting tools cover. This type of cover is an extension to your public liability insurance policy that protects you against the loss or damage of these tools that are being used in connection with your business. These tools could be owned by you, your employees, the business or even hired in on a temporary lease agreement.


Some examples of claims that could occur:

  • You are drilling up a ladder inside a property and drop the drill onto the hard floor beneath you and it breaks
  • You leave your tool box in a property you are working at but it is not there on your return
  • A thief breaks in to your vehicle overnight and steals your tools from inside

All of the examples are dependant on the level of tools cover taken out.  Normally there are several options which provide different levels of coverage depending on what each individual needs.  Each insurer is different in the cover that they provide so it is always important to read through the terms and conditions of each policy before taking out cover.  If your tools are of a larger nature and are not hand-held, you should look at plant cover for these items. Another useful addition to this policy is goods in transit cover.