Office Insurance

An office insurance policy is very similar to a shop insurance policy except that it can be used to cover all types of small offices which can be either an office from home, a surgery or in the middle of an office block. Obviously the main thing that this will cover against is any damage either to the buildings or the contents.

Although due to the increase in technology nowadays you can also make sure that you have cover for all the computers that you may use throughout the course of your work, this is especially important if for example you run a system using a network of computers and without them doing your normal work may become very difficult.

You can also have Public Liability Insurance cover and Employers Liability Insurance if you were to have any employees that were to work in the office with you. This insurance would mainly cover any injury that may be caused to a third-party or if any of the employees where to get injured and hold the employer responsible for their injuries and try to claim compensation from them.

However if something ever was to happen to the office (for example if a fire was to burn the place to the ground) then the business may be stopped from working for a period of time. There is therefore a type of cover included with an office insurance known as business interruption which would basically cover if due to any insured peril you were unable to work and would therefore usually be losing money this would make it so that you were still able to claim something back so that it didn’t then put your business into financial difficulties.

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