The term moorland usually refers to an open area of waste land with peaty soil covered with overgrown heath. This uncultivated moor land may contain growth of coarse grasses, heather, bracken and moss. It is also sometimes referred to as heathland or shrubland due to the vegetation that can be found in such tracts. They are not normally suitable for public activity but this makes it all the more important to obtain moorland insurance due to the risk of liability claims.
Moorland Insurance

Did you know that the largest moorland in the world is Sumapaz P├íramo in Columbia. It’s name literally translates as “utterly peaceful moorland” and has an approximate area of 178,000 hectares which is about 7,000 hectares larger than the whole of Greater London.

Why do I need insurance for my moorland?

A moor can be attractive to walkers and ramblers which in turn can make it a risk for the landowner. Moors can be hilly and if one of these people has an accident whilst climbing a hill on your land then there could be the possibility of a legal claim being made against you and financial compensation being due to the injured party.

Do you allow grazing on the land?

If you would like to allow livestock on to your moor or heath for grazing purposes then this is not a problem. We welcome most animals for this purpose including sheep, cows, goats and horses.

How much does it cost?

Premiums start from as little as £145.00 for 12 months cover on a plot of moor land.

So what do I do next?

To get an instant quote or to take out cover, simply click the “Get Quote” button or contact us for more information.

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