Brownfield insurance is a site that has previously been developed and is abandoned. It could also be an underused industrial or commercial facility that will generally be available for reuse. These sites generally still have empty buildings or factories on the land and therefore it is not the same as normal land insurance.
Brownfield Insurance

Did you know that the term brownfield is a relatively new term that only came into common use in 1992 following a congressional field hearing in America.

Why do I need insurance for my brownfield site?

Abandoned sites like these can sometimes attract people on to them that should not be there. If you do own one of these sites and you don’t have any insurance on it then you run the risk of leaving yourself open to being held liable for someone like this injuring themselves whilst on the land and holding you responsible.

Is it easy to get cover for brownfield sites?

By their nature, these sites are usually uninsurable by a lot of companies as it is deemed too high risk for them but we have a specialist market that can help cater for this risk.

How much does it cost?

Premiums start from £265.00 a year but depends on the size of the land and what features are present.

So what do I do next?

To get a quote, please visit our contact us page and give us a call.

You can also visit the land insurance page to see what other types of land we can cover.