Private roads, also known as unadopted roads or shared access roads, and resident’s land are usually jointly owned by the private individuals that reside on the road. Unlike normal roads owned by the local authority, private roads are the responsibility of the owner(s) and it is up to them to keep the road maintained and insured. When the road belongs to a group of residents, it is very common for them to form a resident’s association to manage the road and land. This type of policy can also insure communal paths, driveways, gardens and alleyways.
Private Road Insurance

Did you know that there is approximately 40,000 private roads in the UK

Why do I need insurance for my private road?

The nature of roads is that they are usually easily accessible by the public. This means that a trip or accident by a third-party could easily be round the corner. A residential road owned could have various public activity such as having a communal car park that friends, family and visitors use or even a footpath that the public use as a cut through to other places. Obtaining a private or unadopted road insurance would provide cover for an unforseeable indemnity claim.

Do you allow electric gates?

There is the option to add features such as electric gates and automatic barriers to your policy. The may add a small price to your policy but give added protection for any injury or damage these may cause.

How much does it cost?

Private road insurance starts at £210.00 for one year of insurance cover.

So what do I do next?

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