Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance is a type of insurance where you can either insure a property that you rent out to people on a short-term basis or that you use as a second home for yourself. This is obviously a different type of policy to Landlords Insurance as the Holiday Home would probably not be let out all the time and most probably for a large portion of time the property will be vacant.

Due to the fact that this policy is mainly designed for times where the property is rented out you will normally only get full cover when the property is considered occupied which by the insurers definitions is usually when the property has been occupied within the last thirty days. If the property has been unoccupied for 30 days then cover is generally restricted and terms will be added.

You don’t have to only insure the property as a Holiday Home that is going to be rented out you can insure it yourself as a second home.

So if you have a second property that you either rent out as a holiday home or even a property that you use as your second home then by answering just a few questions you will be able to get a quotation to protect the property from any circumstances that you may use the property for.