Shop Insurance

Shop insurance is pretty self-explanatory in that it is essentially designed to insure any shop premises for either the buildings or the contents and is mainly designed for shops that people will actually go in to and either purchase something from or gain some kind of service from them.

Types of shop insurance we can do include:

  • Hairdressers Insurance
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Most retail outlets
  • Cafe Insurance

Although the buildings and contents are generally the primary things to be insured you would also need this cover as it would provide you with liability insurance meaning that if someone was to come in to your shop and get injured and then hold you responsible you would have cover for this as long as you were held liable and found to be at fault for their injuries.

One of the main things with most shops is the stock that is left in their overnight (for example in a clothes shop you would have all the clothes left in the store). This could end up being a huge loss if the worst was to happen and the place was destroyed by a fire, so Shop Insurance lets you add-on an amount of stock that is also insured.

You can also cover your employees under this by adding them on to gain employers liability insurance which would cover in the even that they were to get injured due to an act of negligence by yourself. You can also cover for things such as money that is on the premises and money that is left there overnight up to a certain amount.

If you would like a shop insurance quotation then please contact us and one of our helpful staff will be able to give you an instant quote over the phone.