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Ashburnham provide landlord insurance for empty properties that are between tenancies or initially unoccupied after acquiring the property and looking for your first tenant. Cover is also available for vacant properties while work is going on at the property to make it ready to be occupied by a new tenant. Flexible, comprehensive, and cheap empty property insurance for landlords can be hard to come by, but with Ashburnham, you can choose the level of cover you require using our online quote form. Just make sure that under Occupancy Details, you select “Vacant Property”.

What does Landlord Insurance for an Empty Property cover?

Properties that are unoccupied prior to arranging a tenant can have similar cover to a standard let property. There are normally different levels of cover available that suit different insurance requirements and budgets.

If in doubt about what cover option is right for you, or if you are confused by the levels of protection available, call us for free and speak to one of our specialist experts who can discuss your insurance requirements with you, and provide you with the most affordable quotations.

Buildings Insurance


Covers the financial cost of repairing a property’s structural damage. We cover both accidental and malicious damage as standard, in addition to environmental damage (e.g. flooding, storms, etc).

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Contents Insurance


Recommended for furnished properties, this will protect the landlord from the costs of repairing and replacing furnishing that have been stolen or accidentally damaged by tenants.

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Malicious Damage Cover

Malicious Damage

Covers the intentional damage caused by the tenant or any other malicious persons to the landlord’s property.

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Loss of Rent Insurance

Rent Guarantee

Covers loss of rent by guaranteeing monthly rent payments for a maximum of 6 months in the event that a tenant is in arrears and temporarily unable to pay due to their financial circumstance.

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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability

Indemnifies the property owner against liability if a tenant, guest or member of the public is injured on the premises, including cover from the financial costs of any claims made due to negligence.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses

Indemnifies the expenses in pursuit or defense of any disputes connected to a landlord’s property that require legal protection.

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More than one property?

Head over to our Landlord Portfolio Insurance page.

What is an empty property?

An empty property is a residential house that is intended to be let out but currently has nobody living there. The property could be vacant because it has just been purchased or inherited and you are still making arrangements in respect of sourcing a tenant or perhaps making the property ready for its first tenant. Alternatively, it could be unoccupied because your current tenant has moved out and you are seeking a new tenant.

If it is not your intention to let the empty property to a tenant you may wish to look at our unoccupied property insurance product which can cover empty properties that are due to be owner occupied, sold or renovated.

As an independent high street broker, we are able to discuss with you your particular requirements to find the most affordable landlord insurance for empty properties policy for you.

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