Development site insurance is for land that is actively being developed or is intended for construction work in the future. This work could be for the building of houses, flats or any other type of property. This insurance is used to protect you from any instance where a third-party might injure themselves whilst they are on the construction site and then hold you responsible as the person who owns the land.
Development Site Insurance

Did you know that the first hard hat intended for development sites was produced in 1919 and was called the “hard-boiled hat” due to steam being used during the manufacturing process.

Why do I need insurance for my development site?

Whether you have land awaiting development or a fully active building site, someone could go onto your development plot and injure themselves and, through no obvious fault of your self, hold you liable for compensation. Development sites are often in towns and cities and can become a magnet for children to play in. If a child were to climb on the roof of a structure before the construction work starts and then fall this may be covered under public liability insurance for a development site.

Do you allow construction equipment on site?

Construction equipment and machinery such as diggers, cranes and the like are generally okay. Just let us know what you intend to have but as these should have their own separate cover, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How much does it cost?

Premiums for construction site cover begin from as little as £260.00 per year. Prices differ depending on whether there is activity on the land or not.

So what do I do next?

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You can also visit the land insurance page to see what other types of land we can cover.