Gas Fitters

Working with gas is a very risky business where one simple mistake can potentially cause major damage to property or injury. Gas Safe engineers are regulated by the Gas Safe Register, where they have to prove that they are competent to work as a gas fitter.

Working Safely With Gas

If you work as a gas fitter, you’ll know that no job is ever the same as the last. You could find yourself doing anything from installing a complex boiler, LPG or natural gas system, to fitting pipes in hard to reach places. So you’re going to need insurance that is tailored to the work that you do.

A Gas Safe registered engineer knows how to work safely with gas. Whilst your gas installation work may be of a high standard, no matter how careful you are, most accidents are often unavoidable and a customer is able to claim against you if you carry out work within their home which leads to damage.

If you don’t have the right insurance cover in place you could find yourself or your business in financial difficulties. You might be wondering what insurance policies are suitable for gas fitters so that you can have that peace of mind that you will be covered for any potential risks in the work environment.

Types of Insurance For Gas Fitters

Whilst the following insurance is not legally required it is strongly recommended. The Gas Safe Register will also want to see proof of your insurance cover.

Employers Liability Insurance – If you run a gas fitting business which employs staff, no matter how many, you are required by law to have employers liability insurance. This type of insurance cover will help cover any legal costs or compensation brought about as a result of a claim against you, your company or one of your employees.

Public Liability Insurance – If you are a self-employed Gas safety registered installer then it is recommended that you are covered by public liability ​insurance, which offers protection in the case of damage to a customer’s property, including any compensation and legal costs which may arise as a result. Public liability claims can have a huge financial impact on a gas fitting business. Anyone who works as a gas fitter or heating engineer should consider public liability insurance. Whether you are a self-employed gas fitter or working for a heating company, it is essential that you are properly protected. Public liability insurance isn’t required by law, but if you carry out plumbing and heating work for large commercial companies you may be contractually required to have a policy in place.

Indemnity Insurance – As a gas fitter you may find yourself giving customers advice from time to time. While you pride yourself on your professional service and expert advice, your customers could still hold you liable if anything goes wrong as a result of that advice. This is where professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business. This type of insurance can help to cover the cost of any compensation or legal fees, as well as the cost of damage or injury.

Tools Cover – Tools cover is typically an extension of your public liability insurance and will protect you against the loss or damage of to any hand tools or portable power-driven hand-held tools that are being used in connection with your business. Normally there are several options which provide different levels of cover depending on what an individual needs.

Goods in Transit Cover – This type of cover is handy if you tend to keep your tools and materials inside a work vehicle such as a van.

Ashburnham Insurance provides comprehensive public liability insurance for gas fitters including boiler engineers, gas oven and hob installers, appliance repair and flue line maintenance contractors. The cover provided is suitable for Gas Safe registered heating engineers. Call us FREE on 0800 1696137.

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