The Most Sought After Careers In 2024

2024 is well and truly upon us and as with every year, we are already seeing changes in the way the world of business operates. The professional landscape is constantly evolving, fuelled by technological advancements, shifts in society and the ever-growing global economy. It can be a complicated landscape to navigate for those just getting started in their careers or searching for a change, particularly when it comes to finding a job that is not only in demand but promises longevity. Here at Ashburnham Insurance, we have dug deeper into some of the most coveted careers predicted for this year. 

The Most Sought After Careers In 2024 Infographic

#1 Data Analytics

Technology has come on leaps and bounds over recent years and 2023 saw the introduction and more widespread adoption of AI technology through ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, to name just a couple of examples. Artificial Intelligence has always been fuelled by data and while algorithms can do a certain amount of learning on their own, Data Analysts and Data Scientists are highly sought-after in the tech industry. Critical thinking and problem-solving are crucial skills in helping to improve and streamline AI, and this is one career not looking to slow down in its popularity anytime soon.

#2 Healthcare

Healthcare is one industry that will always be needed and with the struggles in keeping up with mental and physical healthcare, the demand for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals is certainly on the rise. Whether it’s direct-to-patient care, mental health support or even medical technology or administration, working within healthcare and its plentiful career options can be a great way to not only secure a job but one that is unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The empathy and interpersonal skills required for proper patient care can’t be replicated by machines, and will therefore always be needed.

#3 Cybersecurity

Many of us live and breathe our devices, whether by choice or simply because our work requires it. Whether we’re attached to our phones, our laptops, our tablets or even our work computers, cybersecurity is a crucial part of using these devices safely. With more and more people adopting more and more technology, the level of potential crime rises and cybersecurity professionals have never been in high demand.

#4 Skilled Trades

While technology can improve the world of trade, it can’t eradicate it completely. Tech can make certain tasks easier, but skilled tradespeople will always be in demand, particularly when money is a little tighter and we are spending money on our homes rather than holidays. Builders, electricians, plumbers, plasterers and similar trades offer a service that technology can’t always provide. The customer service, the years of experience and the skills required are all crucial and valuable skills that can secure you a good career in the coming year.

#5 Drivers

While driverless cars are in the works, it’s unlikely that delivery drivers will be affected by this in years to come, and for good reason. Delivery drivers, whether in small vans, large HGVs or other delivery vehicles, navigate complicated roads, traffic situations and tight deadlines in ways that technology can’t quite replicate. With the Government working hard to improve shortages of drivers, this is one career that is likely to always have jobs waiting to be filled. 

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