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Ashburnham Insurance provide public liability insurance policies for all types of plasterers including solid or fibrous plasterers, screeding and rendering.

Why Plasterers need liability insurance

As a plasterer, you may not think that your choice of career could cause many accidents, however, there are many risks that you may encounter. You may step back to admire your work, knocking over your plasterers bucket, spilling the contents onto the newly carpeted floor. This is why public liability insurance is essential.

A pristine and smooth finish is the result of your hard days work, having insurance in place protects you from the cost of any unintentional and unexpected incidents that plasterers could be liable for. These incidents could result in money problems for you and your company. Public liability insurance for plasterers is not compulsory but essential to ensure your business’ survival.

Common types of claims

  • When up a ladder your drop your trowel, hitting someone the head
  • You drop some plaster on the carpet, staining it
  • You leave your plasterer mixer on the floor and a member of the public trips, injuring their arm

This cover is optional but Ashburnham recommends that you certainly consider having it. Furthermore, if you have valuable equipment, you may wish to consider tools cover to provide compensation in the event of them being stolen.

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