6 Claims Photographers Can Face

When it comes to the photography business, it might not seem like the riskiest of jobs to take up. However, the truth is the opposite. From damage to your equipment or personal injury while on the job, to public injury as a result of your business or even copyright claims, photographers can face a wide range of risks and claims throughout their business lifetime. To help you understand the claims you could face and how to protect yourself against them, we’ve put together this handy infographic.

6 Claims Photographers Can Face Infographic

#1 Equipment Damage

From cameras and lenses to screens and tripods, photographers can be carrying hundreds of pounds worth of equipment with them for every job they go to. While much of this equipment is designed to be portable, damage can still occur when on a job and cost a significant amount of money to repair or replace. Equipment damage is unfortunately common and sometimes unavoidable. Whether it happens between jobs or while out at an event being photographed, damage can occur and require repair. Goods in Transit or Tools Cover may be appropriate in order to provide additional protection for your equipment.

#2 Public Injury

From tripping over equipment, to falling victim to toppling equipment, the risk of public injury can be reduced but not ruled out completely. Clients or guests can then make a claim against you for injuries sustained, particularly in cases where work may have been missed as a result. As a photographer, having Photographer’s public liability insurance can help to protect your business and your clients financially in these cases. The right insurance policy will provide financial support in legal proceedings, and for any compensation required.

#3 Unhappy Customers

Whether it’s faulty lighting or equipment affecting the photo quality, or simply because the customer is disappointed with the results, unhappy customers can be more of an issue than many expect. While some won’t cause too much of a fuss, others might demand retakes and bring a claim against you for the costs associated with this, or simply demand compensation. Professional indemnity insurance can provide protection in these cases, providing financial support for legal proceedings, costs and compensations.

#4 Cyber Protection

When taking photographs and later editing or storing them, photographers are likely to utilise computers, software and internet connections to do so. From hosting the images online for the client to access, to storing files on a computer following an event, the risk posed online can be great. Loss of data or loss of photographs can be costly both in lost time and in lost payments if a client’s photographs are destroyed or lost. Having the right insurance and protection can protect your business financially, but you should always take care to use security systems and secure internet connections.

#5 Personal Injury/Illness

Injuries and illnesses can happen at any place of work, ranging from something as simple as a papercut or a cold to broken bones and viruses. As a photographer, you may be around hundreds of people on any one day and working in new and unusual environments at any one time. Tripping over equipment or catching an illness could be unavoidable, but general liability insurance can help to protect you against any loss of earnings that comes about as a result. If you cannot work due to an injury or are confined to bed due to an illness, having the right personal accident cover can ensure you don’t risk your business or income.

#6 Copyright Claims

Copyright can be a confusing issue to navigate, particularly in cases where every care has been taken not to copyright someone else’s work. Providing you take care to only utilise your own photos and content, copyright claims made against you should be few and far between. However, photographers may need to make copyright claims against other people using their photos instead. It’s also worth noting that copyright claims could come about if you take photos involving copyrighted works, such as statues, sculptures or paintings. If you attempt to sell the images taken, the artist of the original work could sue you for copyright. 

The world of photography can be a confusing one when it comes to insurance, copyright and legality. However, providing you have the right cover, risk assessments and business practices in place, you can likely protect yourself and your business from claims made against you. For more information or for help with the insurance policies we have available, get in touch with a member of our team, today.

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