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Ashburnham Insurance can arrange public liability insurance for all types of freelance photographers and videographers, including wedding, studio, aerial and underwater photography and videography. Ashburnham also specialises in sports events, providing cover for photographers at professional football matches and even trackside photography at motor racing events to name just a few. The cover is not currently available for the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as a drone, or any other form of unmanned remote-controlled aerial photography equipment.

Why Photographers need liability insurance

When you are behind your camera, snapping away, your mind is naturally on the job in hand. You may inadvertently strike a person with your lens causing them an injury. All the equipment you carry about could easily be a trip waiting to happen for an unexpectant member of the public walking by. You should therefore think carefully about taking out some public liability insurance.

Without the cover, you could easily end up in financial trouble. Imagine injuring a premiership footballer by dropping your photographic equipment on their foot. It is doubtful many people would be able to stump up the cash required in legal fees and compensation for such a claim. Getting public liability insurance for photographers is, therefore, an important part of ensuring your business’ future.

Common types of claims

  • You lose control of your camera and it drops onto a member of the public’s toe and breaks it
  • After taking a picture, you turn around and hit someone on the head with your lens causing injury to them
  • Your camera stand blows over in the wind and damages someone’s property

This cover is not legally required but Ashburnham recommends that you put it high up your priorities. You could even get cover for your photography studio by taking out a shop insurance policy.

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Public Liability Insurance for Photographers

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