Dog Groomer Accidents

Dog grooming is an essential service that keeps pooches and pups in a neat, clean and healthy condition and leaves them feeling and looking their best. From nail clipping to dealing with matted fur, groomers are trained to handle dogs and their treatments with care and attention to detail but, as with any trade, there are risks that can’t always be avoided.

From wriggling dogs to overbearing owners, there are a number of things that can affect how safely a groomer can do their job. While Dog Groomers Insurance can help protect the business against claims, knowing the risks can help you prepare. Here, we’ve gathered five of the most common accidents groomers can face.

Dog Groomer Accidents Infographic

#1 Nicks and Scrapes

Whether through scissors or clippers, little nicks and scrapes can occur when grooming a dog and can sometimes seem like just a part of the job. However while most are small and relatively harmless, dogs or puppies that are particularly wriggly or fidgety risk deeper nicks or scrapes that can upset both the dog and the owner. For the groomer, this could lead to claims or lost business so it’s important to ensure that the dog is well-secured and that any existing moles, scabs or other skin issues are disclosed before shaving or trimming a dog’s fur.

#2 Matted Fur

When a dog’s fur is matted before they arrive at the salon, groomers have to take a number of things into account in order to safely and effectively groom the pooch. Perhaps the biggest issue with matted fur is simply that it’s difficult to see where it begins and where it ends, and avoiding nicks and injuries can seem impossible. 

Even something as simple as brushing it out can cause brush or razor burn and for dogs with sensitive skin, this can lead to further irritation long after the appointment. If the matting is tight, blood flow can be restricted to the area and when released, can cause a blood blister called a hematoma. They can require a vet visit to treat and are one of the most unavoidable and frustrating accidents that can occur as a result of a groomer’s visit.

#3 Nail Accidents

A dog’s nails require a lot of care and attention to detail when it comes to trimming them, all thanks to the blood vessel that runs through each one, also called the quick. The quick is a major vessel that, if cut, will cause pain and bleeding for the dog. The quick is more easily visible in pooches with light nails but for those with darker nails, it can be difficult to see and therefore cut the nails effectively. If the quick is cut, it can not only cause discomfort, but risks nail infections and diseases if not handled properly.

#4 Eye Irritation

Just like us humans, dogs can have highly sensitive eyes and irritation can occur as a result of hair, shampoo or other chemicals depending on just how sensitive they are. Most pet-friendly shampoos are made with sensitivity in mind, but some pups can still be irritated by the chemicals involved anyway. Making sure that eyes are well covered during washes or that any shampoos are kept away from the face as much as possible can help prevent this issue.

#5 Owner-Related Accidents

Whether it’s the dog trying to get back to their owner, or the owner themselves getting involved and causing wriggling or overexcited pooches and making the job more difficult. If you’re grooming a new dog, making sure that the dog is on a short leash and asking for the leash when needed rather than reaching for it can avoid any overprotective dogs acting out, and will ensure that they, and their owners, remain under control throughout the entire grooming process.

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