Kitchen Fitter Traits

When looking for a tradesperson to do some work in the home, it’s not unusual for clients to do their research beyond just previous work. In such a competitive industry, clients are looking into everything from experience and skill, to even how friendly the tradesperson is in order to decide who they want to hire. 

Here, we’ve collected the top 6 traits that people tend to look for in a Kitchen Fitter.

Kitchen Fitter Traits Infographic

1) Skill

This might be a given, but customers looking for a kitchen fitter want to hire someone who has the skill and knowledge to complete the task. The risks associated with hiring someone with little or no knowledge or skill can be disastrous and even dangerous if the job isn’t completed correctly. Anything from cabinets falling from the wall to incorrect plumbing causing leaks and permanent damage can be dangerous and for that reason, having the correct skills and knowledge is vital.

2) Experience

While decades of experience aren’t vital for doing a good job, experience and skill tend to go hand in hand when it comes to getting a job done well. For the client, looking for a kitchen fitter with experience will give them extra peace of mind that the job will be done not only correctly, but well. Professionalism can come with time in some cases and experience can be good evidence of this.

3) Hardworking

Clients pay out money to builders to do the work that they can’t or don’t have the skill to do and for that reason, they want someone that’s going to work hard. Very few will expect you to work long hours and you will always be entitled to breaks, but by proving that you are dedicated to the project and willing to work hard to get it done well and within good time, the client is likely to be happier about where their money has gone.

4) Integrity

Integrity and honesty are great traits for anyone to have, but as a kitchen fitter, they can make or break a job. Being honest and open with your client about the work that needs to be done, whether it’s going to take longer than planned and the measures you have in place to ensure safety and even hygiene can help make them feel more relaxed and at ease with you in their home. A great way to improve this is with a good public liability insurance policy that you are open about with your client from the start, providing them with peace of mind that their safety is covered. Ashburnham Insurance provides public liability insurance cover for kitchen fitters including kitchen suite installation and fitted kitchen installers.

5) Friendly

Being friendly doesn’t cost you anything, but can get you a lot. A smile and a chat with the client as you work or even on your breaks can put you both at ease and make the work environment a much more pleasant place to be. It’ll also help to ease clients’ minds if they have questions by making them feel more comfortable with coming to talk to you about concerns, questions or even ideas that they may have. It also helps to move the day along smoothly, breaking it up and making it more fun.

6) Strength

You need a certain amount of strength to do the job, and clients always want their kitchen fitters to be strong enough to be able to do the lifting and moving required for the job. Not every client you have will have the strength themselves to aid any lifting, so having the strength yourself, or having someone you can call in to help on days where a lot of heavy lifting is required can keep you and the client safe, and ease their mind.

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