Refrigeration Engineer

As a refrigeration engineer, you are relied upon to make sure refrigeration units are correctly installed and maintained. However, if you are involved in the servicing, repair or installation of these refrigeration units in any type of commercial or domestic property, there are many risks that you may encounter.

What are the Biggest Risks Working as a Refrigeration Engineer?

There have been several incidents within the refrigeration service industry in recent years that occurred whilst refrigeration engineers were carrying out work such as leak detection or strength testing of refrigeration equipment. 

One of the biggest risks associated with leak testing and system strength testing during the servicing or repair of refrigeration systems is the nature of the close proximity to a pressurised system that is needed to locate a leak so that a repair can be made.

According to the HSE, there have been incidents that have resulted in serious injury following the use of incorrect gasses for leak testing or the use of equipment that is unfit for purpose. Another common accident occurs after refrigeration systems are unintentionally critically over-pressurised. This leads to an explosive failure of the refrigeration systems, or one of its components, resulting in serious injury and even loss of life in some cases. The incidents recorded were attributable to either human error, inadequate equipment or the use of an incompatible gas.

Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for any refrigeration service industry business with employees. If a worker becomes injured whilst working for you, they may claim compensation from you, so you should always ensure that the policy is up to date and that you have the best one available.

Are There Other Risks Working in the Refrigeration Industry?

As a refrigeration engineer, every job that you go to presents new risks and so you need to ensure that you’re fully protected and have the right insurance policy to cover the risks and potential problems you may come across. 

Accidents can also happen to the general public, and having the right refrigeration engineers insurance cover can provide you with the financial protection that you need in the case that a claim is made against you. You might leave your manifold gauge and hose set on the ground to retrieve a part from your van when a passing member of the public trips over it.

You could also consider tools cover for financial support in the case of drops, theft and other unintentional breakages. This type of cover is an extension to your public liability insurance policy that protects you against the loss or damage of these tools that are being used in connection with your business. These tools could be owned by you, your employees, the business or even hired in on a temporary lease agreement.

Affordable Insurance Policies for Refrigeration Engineers

If something does go wrong, you will want to make sure that you are properly covered with the right refrigeration engineers’ insurance so that you can rest assured knowing that you are protected against any compensation claims or legal fees, can replace any damaged equipment needed to continue working and maintain your business premises.

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