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The British winter can be equal parts charming as it is cold, but when the storms start to set in, you wouldn’t be alone in wishing for those warm, calm, summery days instead. The harshest storms can cause all kinds of damage to our property, from damaged roofs and fallen trees to relentless leaks and broken boilers. Whether it’s wind and rain or snow and ice, being able to better prepare your property for the winter is a must for you and your tenants. Here’s where you can get started.

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Property Insurance

As a landlord, you have several responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your property and when damage occurs, it can be expensive to get things fixed up and back on track. The right Landlord Insurance Policy will ensure that you have the financial support needed if things go wrong. If the weather causes you trouble over the winter months, whether it’s property damage, a leak, or something that goes wrong with the boiler, insurance could provide you with the cover needed to have these issues repaired without leaving you out of pocket. We can help you find the right policy and terms to suit you and your property not just in winter, but year-round.

Roof Maintenance

Everyone expects the roof above their heads to be secure and your tenants are no exception. As a landlord, your property should always be in a suitable condition for living, and roof maintenance falls under this. During winter, this is particularly crucial as poor weather could exacerbate problems already present. A small leak could become a bigger one, and one loose tile could lead to even more when storms hit and the weather gets rough, the damage that could result as a consequence of poor maintenance could cost you and your tenant a lot of money. Keeping on top of maintenance before bad weather hits can help prevent any issues all around and make life safe, warm and easier for all involved.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

When things get icy, whether as a result of a storm or just because it’s a UK winter, the pipes in your property are likely to be some of the most vulnerable parts of the building. Without proper maintenance and insulation, the pipes can freeze when the temperature drops, especially when condensation builds up. This can lead to blockages, cracking and the entire heating system failing to work. Being prepared for the winter by ensuring that each pipe is insulated properly before the ice sets in is best, but if you’re late to the game, there’s still time to get your properties properly protected.

Don’t Forget The Inside!

It’s not just the outside of your house that is at risk in the winter – without proper servicing, the boilers and heating systems in your properties could be put under undue stress over winter. As a landlord, you have a responsibility to keep on top of gas and electricity servicing, and having the boiler serviced before winter could save money and stress for both you and your tenants. A full service will ensure that everything is in full working order, helping to improve the chances of a stress-free winter and lower energy consumption and costs over the colder months.

Tree Maintenance

If your property has trees near buildings, you must keep on top of proper management and maintenance for the safety of the building and your tenants. When storms roll in, the winds and rain can cause property damage by knocking off loose or low-hanging branches, or even just swinging the branches around which could cause damage to buildings, windows, rendering and more. By taking the time to ensure that any loose or low-hanging branches are removed, you can help prevent any potential damage during the stormy season. 

For more information about how Landlord Insurance can help protect you this winter, we are on hand to help. Get in touch with Ashburnham Insurance on 0800 1696137 for more information.

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