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Whether by necessity or by choice, when someone is in need of an entirely or partially new bathroom, a bathroom fitter is essential. However, with a market busy with fitters and saturated with those who might not be fit for the job, customers have to be more and more careful with who they choose.

As a bathroom fitter, you might be wondering what it is that can set one apart from another, and knowing what customers are looking for will give you that upper hand – from something as simple as a good insurance policy and the right certifications to a portfolio of previous work, here’s what people look for in a bathroom fitter.

What People Look For In A Bathroom Fitter Infographic

#1 Licensing

Finding a licenced professional is a must when it comes to having a new bathroom fitted. Any work on the home should be done efficiently, safely and with the utmost care, and this is particularly important for areas like the kitchen and bathroom. A poor tradesman might leave mistakes or a job unfinished in the bathroom, which could lead to leaks, water damage or an unusable bathroom.

Finding a licenced bathroom fitter will give customers peace of mind knowing that they are hiring someone that not only knows how to do the job effectively, but who will finish the work properly and not leave you in the lurch. As a fitter, it’s important to get licenced and keep on top of any renewals or requirements not only for your customers but for your own reputation and trustworthiness.

#2 Certifications

Certifications are another great way to show that you really know your stuff. Accreditations can not only help you keep on top of your own education and the changing standards but also help you improve your standing with potential and existing customers. Having these accreditations from legitimate firms and institutions will help you prove your qualification as well as improve your overall standing in the industry. By having proof of your training and standards, you better convince potential clients to put their trust in you. Experience also plays a huge role in how much a client will trust your work, so a balance of both is advised.

#3 Insurance

When working in someone’s home, there are unique risks that need to be taken into account. On the one hand, a slip or mistake could lead to extensive damage to the home or its pipework and on the other, working within a home that the clients are still in increases the risk of injury to the client, particularly if they trip over equipment, slip on spilt water or fall ill due to chemical or even gas exposure if an accident occurs. Having a good Public Liability Insurance for Bathroom Fitters policy will protect your business financially against claims made for injury, illness and damage caused by your business activity, as well as give clients peace of mind before they hire you that they could make a claim on your insurance if needed.

#4 Previous Work

Experience and reviews are quite possibly the most important thing when it comes to putting your business out there. As with any building work on the home, clients are likely to look at previous reviews of your business to find any potential worries or problems that they could face, so it’s essential to keep on top of not only encouraging clients to leave reviews but that you are adequately replying to anyone that may have had trouble or be unhappy with their experience.

Being proactive with previous customers can give potential customers a better view of your business and your values. Similarly, having experience in the industry, as well as proof of that experience such as a portfolio, will give you the chance to showcase your work and attract the right clients to your business depending on what they are looking for and what your expertise can provide. 

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