Summer Plumbers

Did you know that the busiest time of year for plumbers is usually winter? Between poor weather clogging up guttering and pipework, to frozen condensation pipes or the increased strain on heating, there is no shortage of reasons to be called out in the colder months. However, that doesn’t mean that summer can’t be just as hectic for a plumber. Where winter brings the demand for heat, summer brings the demand for flowing water and the risk of intense heat that can warm and sometimes weaken pipes. Summer also happens to be the best time to get your heating or pipework checked and fixed, giving you plenty of time to get everything in working order for summer without fighting for time. 

If you’re new to the plumbing business, whether you’re just setting up and searching for plumbers’ public liability insurance, or you’re simply looking for a refresher for the summer months, knowing what to expect during summer is important. From clogged drains and cracked pipes to faulty washing machines, here are some of the most common things you could face as a plumber this summer.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains happen year-round, however, a clogged drain in summer can be a particularly foul problem. A drain that’s backed up can be smelly, hot and a nightmare for those that live nearby during the summer months, and with most of us entertaining guests or spending our days on sandy beaches, there is more strain than ever on our sinks, showers and drains. Hair can shed faster in summer and clog the drains, sand can build up after a beach trip and cause slow-draining shower trays, and food from barbeques can get washed down the sinks – all of this can amount to blocked systems either right by the pipework in your home, or outside in your exterior drains. 

Cracked Pipes

When the ground dries up over the summer, particularly if there hasn’t been any rain for a while, your pipes could also dry out and crack. If your pipes are exposed, whether metal or plastic, they can heat up and either warp if they are plastic, or expand or become damaged if they are made of other materials. This may not happen over the first year or two, but for houses with older pipework or after long periods of heat over the summer, damage can occur. The best way to avoid these problems is to either invest in pipe covers or consider having your pipework replaced if it’s particularly old. Plumbers should be ready to deal with minute, hairline cracks or water systems with slow leaks, as well as hard ground to access outdoor pipes after dry periods. 

Outdoor Tap Leaks Or Seizing

There’s nothing worse than heading to your outdoor tap during summer and being met with either a seized tap or a slow and frustrating leak. Whether it’s filling up the pool, setting up the sprinklers, watering the plants or even washing your car, outdoor taps aren’t as commonly used as indoor ones and have more opportunity to seize up and refuse to turn or work. Over-tightening or corrosion can make it impossible to turn the handle, or spring leaks through minute cracks or an inability to re-tighten the tap. While these can sometimes be fixed with at-home solutions, plumbers are often called out to repair rusted or seized outdoor taps to get the water flowing and the plants watered again. 

Washing Machine Problems

While our winter clothes might be heavier, it’s summer washing that seems to cause the most strain on our machines. Between sand, dust, lint and all kinds of different materials running through each wash, our washing machines go through a lot. Add on hot weather potentially affecting the pipework itself and you could face more issues in summer than any other time of the year. Plumbers can help find the source of the problem if it isn’t a quick filter clean, offering a quick, clean and effective repair so you can get back to cutting through the washing pile in no time. 

As a plumber, being prepared for the summer demand for plumbers well in advance could be the difference between a smooth sailing season, or chaos. Understanding what you can face and making sure that your business is prepared will help you hit the ground running for a successful summer. 

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