7 Top Tools For Contractors

Contractors are found across a wide variety of trades, most of which require their unique tools and skill sets to be completed effectively and efficiently. From mitre saws to voltage checkers, there is undoubtedly a whole world of different tools available on the market varying in cost. Tools Cover within your insurance policy can protect you financially against theft or damage of tools, however, it’s also worth remembering that it’s the simplest and often cheapest tools that contractors overlook. From screwdrivers and drills to levels and even a pencil, here are 7 tools every contractor needs in their day-to-day jobs.

7 Top Tools For Contractors Infographic

#1 Screwdriver

Screwdrivers aren’t just a standard tool for contractors – they’re often considered a must-have for every household. Having at least one flathead and one “Phillips head” screwdriver will ensure that you always have a tool on hand that can undo most screws when needed. Whether it’s taking apart furniture, taking off switch covers or even taking stray screws out of a wall, having a screwdriver on hand no matter your trade will help you avoid being stuck with unexpected screws you can’t remove.

#2 Gloves

A good pair of durable work gloves can make all the difference when it comes to safety on the job. While all PPE is important, gloves can be used in any trade and offer protection for a huge number of potentially risky situations. Gloves can protect your hands against stains, chemicals, sparks, sharp objects and more. You should choose a good pair that are thick enough to protect your hands, without affecting your ability to efficiently carry out the work.

#3 Drill

Drills are useful in a huge number of trades, whether it’s for making holes, tightening screws or undoing existing pieces. Having a good drill with a set of attachments will ensure you have the tool or drill bit needed when it’s needed. However, it’s also worth noting that some drills are best for different jobs, and having the wrong drill could lead to breakages if not handled properly.

#4 Level

From the accuracy of installation to the safety of the final product, having a level on hand will ensure that you can achieve perfection every time. The tool utilises gravity and a vial of liquid with an air bubble that levels out when the level is parallel with the earth. By using the level, you can be sure that your builds and projects are straight, level and aren’t learning or slanted. 

#5 Utility Knife

While not every trade will need a utility knife on a day-to-day basis, having even a basic one can prove more useful than you might expect. A good utility knife can last you for years with replaceable blades and offers easy cutting through everything from plastic sheets and linoleum, to boxes, drywall, ropes, wallpaper and more. Having one in your tool kit can prove useful for just opening up taped boxes, even if you aren’t likely to use it for any other purpose.

#6 Tape Measure

From general building work to fine carpentry, a tape measure is a must to ensure that your work remains as accurate as possible. We don’t need to explain what a tape measure can be used for, but we are strong believers that it is a must-have for any trade. Whether it’s measuring your project, or measuring the space available to install your work, having a tape measure on hand at all times can offer convenience and accuracy when it’s most needed.

#7 Pencil

The simplest and often most overlooked tool that contractors need is actually a piece of stationery – a pencil! Whether it’s a standard HB or a specialised carpenter’s pencil, most contractors will carry a pencil and something to write on at all times. This often underestimated tool can be used for taking quick notes, drawing diagrams, precise measurements and more. Carpenter’s pencils are also good for framing work or for bolder lines.

If you’re looking to protect your tools within your insurance policy, Tools Cover will offer financial support if things go wrong or your tools are stolen. For more information, or for a bespoke quote, get in touch with Ashburnham Insurance on freephone 0800 1696137.

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