6 Strange Things Covered On Home Insurance

As a homeowner, you need to ensure that you have a comprehensive home insurance policy in place to protect your investment. Depending on your policy, home insurance typically protects your property and its contents against potential risks including theft and damage to the interior and exterior, the loss or theft of possessions, flood, fire, subsidence, vehicle collisions, and escape of water. 

There are many things that can be included with a homeowners and home contents insurance policy, some you might not have even considered. Here are 6 strange things that might be covered on your home insurance (we recommend checking your home policy and do not assume any of the things below are actually covered unless in black and white on your documentation).

6 Strange Things Covered On Home Insurance Infographic

#1 Spoiled food

Not the strangest thing on our list, but most people don’t realise that in the event of an accidental power cut by your energy provider, your home contents insurance should cover up to a certain amount, usually around £500, for any food that spoils as a result. 

#2 A dog bite

Home insurance policies that include cover for pets as part of their liability coverage should protect you when a pet knocks something over, causes a spill, chews, scratches or damages something with their paws, teeth or claws. However, as pets are so unpredictable, there are usually lots of exclusions.

#3 A horse breaking your fence

Provided that your home insurance policy includes full accidental damage cover, and the animal in question is not considered your pet, your home will be covered against things like a bird flying into your window or a horse breaking your garden fence.

#4 A memorial or gravestone

You may be able to add a memorial or gravestone to your home insurance policy as a specified item. This is a simple and cost-effective way of ensuring that it is covered and avoids the need for arranging an individual insurance policy. 

#5 A drone

Some home contents insurance policies cover drones and other remote-controlled aircraft for loss or damage, even if you are flying them away from your home. If you also add legal protection to your home insurance, you will be covered against accidentally injuring a member of the public or damaging their property.

#6 Threats from outer space

Your home insurance policy might actually be protecting you against threats from outer space. Most people don’t realise that if your insurance policy includes damage caused by falling objects, this covers your home against asteroids and other falling junk from space.

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