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The world of work has changed drastically over the past 12 months, and understandably so. As more and more businesses have been operating from homes across the country, freelancers and home workers have really come into their own, offering a vast array of skills to not only assist businesses with their everyday tasks but also help them make the transition from an office or premises-based business to an online or virtual one, at least temporarily. 

From virtual assistants to website design and development, there are a number of skills that have been particularly in demand over the past year and are set to remain at the forefront in the months to come. Here, we’re taking a deeper look.

#1 Virtual Assistants

The term ‘virtual assistant’ is arguably one of the more generic, however, they are also some of the most highly sought after by businesses at this current time. Virtual assistants typically provide support, usually on an administrative level, to a business owner or executive. This could include anything from managing a calendar to updating social media or even handling billing or general accounts. 

Smaller businesses in particular seem to be on the lookout for virtual assistants, possibly for the extra administrative support needed during such a difficult time. 

#2 Accounting and Bookkeeping

It’s safe to say that not everybody is good with numbers and accounts, which is why more and more businesses are looking for accountants and bookkeeping clerks on a freelance or outreach basis. In a lot of cases, smaller or startup businesses might not have the funds to hire an accountant or bookkeeper on a full-time basis, which is where freelancers or outsourcing can fill in a gap. If you are thinking about starting a similar career, take a look at our insurance for Accountants and Bookkeeping.

#3 Copywriting and Content Marketing

While copywriting and content marketing are arguably different skillsets, they can also go hand in hand for a lot of businesses. While not every company will need commercial writing, most can benefit from content marketing online during this newfound digitally-fuelled time, which ultimately requires some level of copywriting skill or knowledge. 

In such a competitive and unsure market, being able to stand out from the crowd with high-quality and captivating content is a must, which is just one of the reasons why copywriting and content marketing has been so popular in the past 12 months.

#4 Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the most widely outsourced skills for most businesses, particularly those that may not require this kind of content on a regular basis, or at least not regularly enough to warrant hiring someone in-house. 

Freelance graphic design jobs have grown approximately 13% or more in 2020 alone, a lot of which can likely be attributed to the fact that businesses are under pressure to attract attention and engagement from customers on an online basis. Local shops haven’t been able to rely on in-store footfall, instead of having to really step up their online presence and imagery to capture that much-needed attention. Take a look at our insurance for Graphic Designers if you’re considering this as an option.

#5 Website Design and Development

Following on from the point above, businesses that may have otherwise been able to get by without a strong web presence have come under pressure this year to really step up their game. The sheer demand for competent and creative web designers in the past year is predicted to be huge, with small businesses and bigger brands alike all determined to take that extra step to stand out or, in some cases, to simply survive. This is also the case for web and mobile development, with the technical side of producing apps and a functioning website often a little too out of reach for those without the training and know-how. 

#6 Photography and Video

From product snaps to interior shots and beyond, photographers and videographers have been in demand in the past 12 months for good reason. From retail brands looking to really sell their products to the masses with high-quality photographs, to businesses seeking videographers to produce anything from webinars to office tours, the possibilities have really been endless for freelancers in these fields. If this appeals to you, take a look at our insurance for photographers and videographers.

#7 Sales, Marketing and Admin Work

When a business starts to struggle, the first thing that many companies turn to is marketing, from direct advertising to maintaining a strong sales team and handling all of the admin work that comes with changing accounts and clients. While virtual assistants can offer some help with these tasks, having a dedicated freelancer purely for marketing or sales can be the difference between just scraping by, and flourishing despite the economic adversity we face today. 

By hiring sales and admin staff, executives and other employees can focus on their core roles to keep the business running. Take a look at insurance for Marketing Consultancy and Administration at Ashburnham Insurance.

For more information about the skills listed above or business insurance policies that you could benefit from as a small business or freelancer, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team at Ashburnham Insurance.

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