Top Paying Jobs

There are countless career opportunities in the UK. However, after putting in all the time and effort required to earn an education, nobody wants to earn just enough to pay the bills. You want to find the perfect balance between salary and job satisfaction. 

Jobs with the highest potential earnings span across a wide range of industries, so we have created an infographic detailing 5 of the top-paying jobs, what qualifications you typically need to acquire such jobs and what you can expect to earn when working them.

Top Paying Jobs Header Infographic

#5 IT & Telecommunications

Nowadays, thanks to computers being used to run almost every business, IT and telecommunications jobs in the UK are both plentiful and well-paid. You don’t usually need a Computer Science degree, although it may offer you an advantage over other potential candidates. However, some are able to work this type of job despite not having any type of formal education. An IT or telecommunications director can expect to earn around £70k per annum.

#4 Legal Professionals

Working as a legal professional will open up countless job opportunities to you in many varying industries. The legal sector has both a high entry-level starting salary of approximately £70k per annum for law graduates and potential earnings of over £100k for more experienced lawyers. To enter this industry, you will need a degree in law at the very least.

#3 Marketing & Sales Directors

Marketing and sales roles are important for companies that want to expand their business. So those individuals that are capable of orchestrating successful marketing or sales campaigns are highly sought after. In order to qualify for a job such as this, you will usually need a degree in business or similar. A marketing and sales director can expect to earn approximately £70k-£75k per annum. 

#2 Chief Executives

Chief executives play a very important role, making important decisions and being in charge of coordinating a company’s financial activities, including long term financial planning strategies and the hiring of senior management and heads of departments. 

If this sounds appealing to you then you will need a degree in business and related subjects and usually at least 3 years experience in a similar previous role. You also need to display strong leadership skills. A chief executive in the UK earns approximately 90k per annum.

#1 Aircraft Controllers, Pilots & Flight Engineers

Aircraft controllers are responsible for the safety of everyone that uses an aeroplane. This is a massive responsibility and also one which commands equally large earnings. If you work as an aircraft controller in the UK you can potentially earn as much as £2k per week, making aircraft controllers one of the highest-paid professions in the UK.

Similarly, the UK aeronautical engineering industry requires engineers to routinely check the aircrafts’ maintenance and pilots to successfully navigate and fly the planes and these jobs are also extremely well-paid. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers earn on average £80k per annum.

Other top-paying jobs in the UK include Brokers, Financial Managers, Medical Practitioners and Advertising & PR directors. You could, of course, always decide to start your own business, be your own boss and earn your own salary! Check out what Ashburnham Insurance can do for you by visiting our Business Insurance page! We can provide insurance for all sorts of trades.

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