Covid 19

With Coronavirus on the mind’s of any and every person in the UK, the call for cleaners to deep clean homes and public places is growing. With the growing pressure of cleaning product shortages to boot, professional cleaners are being called upon to keep things virus-free. If you are a cleaner or run a cleaning business, you need to ensure that you are prepared for taking on these jobs not only physically, but in terms of insurance and protecting your staff.

Fighting On The Front Line

As a cleaner, you are likely to be right there on the front line, battling back this virus alongside healthcare workers and other important jobs across the country. What this means, however, is that you and any of your workers are at increased risk of not only contracting the virus but spreading it. For this reason, cleaners are under increased pressure to operate safely and efficiently.

There have been cases of cleaning companies being called upon to disinfect homes or doctor’s surgeries that are known to have hosted a Covid-19 patient, with the cleaners expected to wear full PPE (personal protective equipment) and use anti-cross-contamination measures to ensure that the virus couldn’t spread. Cleaning is often overlooked when it comes to groups on the proverbial front line, which is why taking responsibility for your own safety is key.

Get The Right Cover

Having the right insurance is a must at all times, regardless of whether you’re cleaning a known Covid-19 area, or simply getting on with your normal day-to-day business, Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance can offer financial cover in the case of economic loss, whether that’s property damage, injury to the public or you and your employees and legal fees in case of a claim.

Public Liability Insurance, providing you have the right policy for your business, is designed to protect you against the unexpected costs of incidents or accidents, such as damage to property or injury to the public caused by your business. While some policies may cover illness, others may not, so please speak to a member of our team for more detailed information on Public Liability cover for cleaners.

Employers Liability insurance offers protection for your employees in the case of accidents or health issues. If your employee was to fall ill while working for you, they may be able to claim compensation as a result, which is where Employer’s Liability insurance can protect your business against unexpected costs. In times where illness is more likely due to Coronavirus, this insurance is one that you must have.

Stay Safe

If you are still out there working during this pandemic, it’s most important to stay safe in any way that you can while still helping the general public do the same. It’s important to make sure that you clean and cover all surfaces, paying particular care to hot points for touch. Bannisters, door handles, buttons and even telephones are considered to be hot points for bacteria and viruses, as they are the most frequently touched throughout the day.

Pay careful attention to the chemicals and antibacterial sprays that you use, ensuring they are strong enough to kill off Covid-19, without putting your customers and clients at any risk to their health. Check with allergies and keep the rooms well ventilated where you can.

For your team, using PPE can help protect them and reduce the risk of catching the virus. Gloves, full-length sleeves, masks and the relevant antibacterial hand gels and self-cleaning equipment following a job are advised, though it’s best to keep up to date with the World Health Organisation’s advice each day.

For more information regarding insurance and whether you will be covered against Coronavirus, please get in touch with a member of our expert team FREE ON 0800 1696137.

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