5 Insurance Policies You Should Know

At Ashburnham Insurance, we look at a plethora of policies that work for you. Our most common products include land insurance, public liability insurance and landlord insurance. But there is a lot more than just these! Take a look at some of these insurance products we can help you with!

5 Insurance Policies You Should Know Infographic

  • Event Insurance – Whether it’s a one-off event, a firework display or a celebration party, events insurance is something you should consider investing in.
  • Rough Country Insurance – Owner of an open field that includes hills or rocks? Then you may need rough country insurance. With terrain not as stable and difficult to navigate, there is more chance for hazard leading to potential injury claims.
  • UK Office Insurance – Protecting your workplace is something that is very important. Making sure you have protection on the buildings and contents is something that must be looked in to, whether you work from home or in an office block.
  • Woodland Insurance – If you own a woodland area and don’t have insurance then you may want to reconsider. This will enable protection from unnecessary financial issues involving members of the public.
  • Undeveloped Pasture Insurance – In need of undeveloped pasture insurance? Also known as ‘grazing land’ insurance? We’ve got you covered! Not got a clue why you need it? Well this area may be hazardous for trips and falls, especially if there is public access.

Make sure that you have insurance before somebody makes an injury claim!

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