What Business Insurance Do I Need

From public liability insurance to insuring your office, find out what business insurance you’ll need to cover you.

Public Liability Insurance

A policy such as public liability insurance will protect you in case someone injures themselves on your property or if third-party property is damaged. This will work to provide financial assistance towards any legal costs. An example of a claim is if someone trips over your property and injures themselves, or if you’re out on call as an electrician and your actions accidentally cause a fire.

Employers Liability Insurance

For businesses that have employees, it’s a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance. The health and safety of the employees is the responsibility of the organisation, thus the necessary precautions must be taken to ensure their well-being. This will cover you incase an employee is injured or becomes ill whilst at work and tries to claim compensation.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you’re concerned about the expenses of losing money through legal defence costs and compensation fees, a professional indemnity insurance policy is perfect. This will cover you against claims of a client losing money, reputation defamation or damage related to the expert advice given.

Office Insurance

If you have an office, whether that be in an office block, a surgery or at home, office insurance is worthwhile to cover any damage against the building or the contents. A policy such as this will protect you against any risk of fire, flood, burglary or another incident that may get in the way of regular business activity.

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