Cheap Public Liability

Shopping for public liability insurance can be stressful. The thought of a customer taking legal action against your business can be a scary prospect. Public liability insurance claims can be diverse and so you’ll want to ensure that your business is fully protected. You’ll also want to save money wherever possible when purchasing insurance so that it can be invested elsewhere.

Prices for insurance cover can vary, so it is well worth taking the time to shop around in order to find the best policy for your business at a low-cost. As the experts, Ashburnham Insurance are offering some handy tips on how to find cheap public liability insurance whilst also resting assured that your business is covered for every eventuality.

Weigh Up the Cover & Costs

Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims from injuries to people outside of a company’s employment or property, which a business might be held liable for. Most insurers in the UK offer public liability insurance as part of a larger business insurance policy.

There are a wide variety of business insurance products for you to choose from including employer’s liability insurance which protects businesses from claims made against them by employees for injuries and illnesses that result from work, and professional indemnity insurance which protects businesses from claims made against them by their clients as a result of problems with work they’ve carried out.

Once you have an idea of what an insurance policy covers, you will probably start to consider the cost. The answer depends on a number of factors, such as what your business does, how many people are employed in the company and any further optional cover that you might decide your business requires. Weigh up the cost of the policy against the cost of a claim if you didn’t have insurance in place.

Don’t Assume One Insurance Company is The Cheapest

Some insurance companies will spend a lot of money on clever advertisements in order to try to convince the public that they offer the cheapest insurance products and best deals. When it comes to business insurance and public liability however, with consumers needs being so diverse and each business being different, no single insurer can claim to be the cheapest provider. Insurance can be complicated and premiums are usually based on a number of risk factors.

Compare Insurers for the Best Prices

Price comparison websites have grown in popularity in recent years. It is estimated that more than 11 million people use them and it is pretty clear why they have such an appeal to consumers, simply go online and you can sort out your insurance within a few minutes. This allows people to save time and to also access a wider range of insurance products.

While the idea of using price comparison websites is to make buying insurance as quick and easy as possible, unless you are careful, the lowest price quoted may not be the actual cheapest insurance cover available. Once you are connected to a real person, they are likely an insurance agent, which represent the insurance companies and are effectively an extension of the insurer.

Consumers should be aware that the same insurance products are also available from providers that are not listed on price comparison websites and that insurance brokers are able to access cover from a range of markets, and along with offering advice and a much more personal service, they can provide insurance products that offer real value for money.

Public Liability at Ashburnham Insurance

Ashburnham Insurance are known as UK specialists for instant online insurance quotes. A wide range of insurance policies are available including public liability insurance.

Our automated systems trawl through a number of companies to find the most cost-effective cover for your needs, checking for prices from a panel of different insurance companies and provide our customers with a wide range of quotations, automatically pointing out which one would be cheapest based on the requirements.

We are also available to offer any advice if needed in the event of a claim if required. Dealing directly with your insurance company in these circumstances will normally speed up your claims process, however, if you need to speak to one of our advisers, having an insurance expert there to help offers further peace of mind.

To get an online quote, simply follow the “Get Quote” button found on this page.

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