Car Park Insurance Claims

Car park insurance claims are on the rise.

For those that own a car park as part of your business or for your venue, car park insurance may not be something you’ve considered before, but you most definitely should. If someone was to hurt themselves in your car park, due to circumstances out of their control, you may see a claim placed against you that you may end up having to pay for. It doesn’t have to be that way…

35% have had an accident relating to them or their car in a car park. Although not all will be able to make a claim against the car park itself.

There are a variety of car park accidents that could happen in a car park owned by you, which could then see you liable for any costs that may be incurred. These include individuals hitting their head on car park barriers, trips and slips in the car park, pothole injuries as well as injuries due to poor car park maintenance. Claims that have been submitted and paid out include:

  • Woman wins over £10,000 after falling over in retail park
  • £13,299 taxpayer payout: motorcycle fall in ‘dusty’ parliament car park
  • $275,000 payout for ‘puddle pothole’ in university car park

Even if alcohol has been involved, an individual can still make a claim. Protecting yourself against such claims is vital and with car park insurance, you can be covered.

Car park claim costs can include:

  • General damages: a payout for injuries, pain and suffering
  • Special damages: out-of-pocket expenses such as not being able to work, vehicle repair, counselling, travel and childcare expenses
  • Ongoing-medical expenses and emergency treatment

Facts to know:

  • 3 years is the time span of which an individual has to make a claim against a car park
  • Occupiers Liability Act 1957 ensures that shops must take all reasonable steps to protect visitors to its premises from the risk of injury
  • 47% of hospital admissions due to car park incidents were due to trips and slips

Car Park Insurance Infographic

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