What Business Insurance Do I Need

Confused about where to start with your business insurance? Follow the flowchart in our infographic, to help you get an idea of what types of insurance products you’ll want to think about.

What business insurance do I need? (Flowchart Infographic)

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Text Version:

What business insurance do I need?

1) Where do you work?

  • At Home (in a residential property)
    • Go to Question 2
  • In a commercial property
    • Go to Question 4

2) Do you have buildings insurance?

  • Yes
    • You may be able to combine your existing home insurance and your business cover to protect your home and business.
    • Go to Question 3
  • No
    • If you have a home office where you conduct business, you could get a tailored buildings insurance to cover both your home and your home office.
    • Go to Question 3

3) Do you have contents insurance?

  • Yes
    • Contact your insurer to extend your cover to include business equipment and inventory.
    • Go to question 6
  • No
    • Consider contents insurance to cover your business equipment and inventory.
    • Go to question 6

4) Is it a shop?

5) Is it an office?

6) Do you have any employees?

  • Yes
    • Go to Question 7
  • No
    • Go to Question 8

7) Are they immediate family? (e.g. partner, brother, sister, child)

8) Do you interact with clients, customers, and/or members of the general public in person?

9) Do you provide advice or a specialist service to paying customers and/or clients?

10) Do you drive a vehicle for business?

11) Do you have tools that you use for work?

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