Creative Business Cards

Business cards are like the trading cards of the business playground. We’ll swap them at meet ‘n’ greets but, for most of us, they end up collecting like receipts in the back of a wallet or at the bottom of a pocket or bag.

According to statistics by CNN, BusinesscardABC and Freelance Folder:

  • 27,397,260 business cards get printed on a daily basis;
  • 88% of business cards handed out will be thrown out in less than a week;
  • 63% of business cards thrown out are because the person is not in need of the service;
  • 24% just don’t want to do business with the specific card giver…

Prospective clients will hold onto a coloured business card 10x longer than a standard white business card. Plain white business cards just feel a lot more disposable. Cheaply made, cheaply printed in bulk, boring business cards are forgettable. It’s as simple as that. They don’t tend to leave a lasting impression, and we end up politely acquiring a tonne of these boring business cards but lose all memory of who’s who.

And then there are the creative business cards. These are the business cards you’re always hesitant to throw away because of the novelty of them. You can see some thought went into them, and it wasn’t just the printing of contact details onto a bit of card. These business cards make a point of standing out while telling you exactly what the nature of the business is. So let’s take a look at some of the most creative business cards that you’re unlikely to forget (or throw away).

1) The Personal Trainer

Creative Business Card

Struggling to read the business card? Maybe you need a personal trainer. This business card (which isn’t even a card) makes its point whilst being fun and memorable, by mimicking gym equipment.

2) The Divorce Lawyer

Creative Business Card

It’s still a pretty serious looking business card that you can tell means business, but by adding something as simple as a tear line in the middle, it immediately becomes more memorable by playfully showing what they do. Not only that, but you end up with a smaller business card you can hold onto as both sides have the same contact details.

3) The Yoga Centre

Creative Business Card

The yoga centre’s business card folds out into a yoga mat! This one is definitely as memorable as it is cute.

4) The Event Photographer

Creative Business Card

Without even needing to see the occupation of Norris, we can tell just by looking at this business card what he does. It’s a clever way of standing out from his competition.

5) The Plumber

Creative Business Card

Why hand out a business card, when you can handle out a miniature representation of your tools of the trade. Like the yoga mat business card, it’s a cute and creative alternative to a business card and people are unlikely to forget it or want to throw it away.

6) The Yoga Trainer

Creative Business Card

Even without the resources to produce fancy 3D business cards, you can still use your creativity to be just as memorable with a regular business card. This yoga trainer’s business card successfully makes its point, just by punching out a couple of finger holes in the business card.

7) The Cargo Service

Creative Business Card

Tam Cargo’s business card can be transformed into a cargo box. Fun, memorable and functional!

8) The Cosmetic Surgeon

Creative Business Card

A cheeky yet creative business card for cosmetic surgeons that gives you a pretty clear idea of what they do…

9) The Fitness Instructor

Creative Business Card

A wonderfully brilliant way to let your business card do all the talking.

10) The Web Design Agency

Creative Business Card

Brilliant idea for a design agency with multiple departments. This way you can give out the business card wallet and the recipient can just pull the tab for the service they need.

11) The Software Engineer

Creative Business Card

It’s simple but effective in design, highlighting the contact details of the person in a design that shows what they do.

12) The Computer Repair Company

Creative Business Card

This computer repair and support company takes a simple idea of a folded business card and turns it into an adorable tiny laptop that opens up to reveal the business’ contact details.

13) The Pilates Studio

Creative Business Card

An imaginative business card that is fun to play with and portrays well what they do.

14) The Guitar Instructor

Creative Business Card

This guitar instructor’s business card is almost like a free first lesson, acting as a sample tutorial on how to play a guitar chord.

15) The PR Agency

Creative Business Card

This PR agency knows how to make an impression, with a simple but fun business card that does all the talking.

16) The Dermatologist

Creative Business Card

If you’re a dermatologist, why use a business card when you can use a cotton pad to promote your business? Genius!

17) The Car Cleaning Company

Creative Business Card

Brilliant idea for a cleaning business. Dip the business card into water and it turns into a sponge! Both cool and functional.

18) The Author

Creative Business Card

What better way to introduce yourself to someone as an author than by giving them a library card. It’s a great way of showcasing your publications, and if you bring out a new book and still have old business cards, you can just add your latest book yourself! There’s also enough space for people (or you) to make notes on the business card.

19) The Landscaper

Creative Business Card

Great little conversation starter that gets potential clients interested in their lawns! This business card envelope contains grass seeds which they encourage recipients to spread over their lawn, but suggests that “for best results… add Lush” (the name of the company). Even if the client never even opens the envelope, the feel and sound of the seeds inside are enough to make the point.

20) The App Developer

Creative Business Card

Such an obvious but effective idea for an app developer’s business card!

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