Crimes Against Businesses In UK

The rate of reported crimes against businesses have been steadily dropping year-on-year, but is still a very real threat.

Most Common Crimes Against Businesses in UK

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The industry sector most at risk to crime is Wholesale and Retail, with 75% of reported crimes against businesses targeting businesses in the Wholesale and Retail sector. Of the industry sectors which the England and Wales Home Office divides businesses into, the sectors rank in the following order (from most common to least):

  1. Wholesale and Retail
  2. Accommodation and Food
  3. Transportation and Storage
  4. Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

The most common crime against businesses is theft, accounting for over three quarters of crimes committed. Typically the theft is committed by a customer (63.48%), and as little as 3.64% by an employee of the business. But a massive 30.6% of thefts are committed by an unknown person.

Most common crimes against businesses (from most common to least):

  1. Theft
  2. Assaults and Threats
  3. Fraud
  4. Vandalism
  5. Online Crime
  6. Burglary
  7. Robbery
  8. Vehicle Related Theft

Online crime is growing each year as more and more businesses rely on the internet to provide and market their services, store their data, and manage their business. Businesses need to remain vigilant and stay on top of their computer and internet security in this modern age.

The most common online crimes (from most common to least)

  1. Virus
  2. Hacking
  3. Theft of Money
  4. Theft of Information
  5. Website Vandalism
  6. Phishing

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