Fallen Tree

It seems the UK is getting ready to be hit one of its largest storms for 25 years.  A strong gale and heavy rain are expected to hit a peak early on Monday morning causing major disruptions across the country.  The St. Jude Storm, as it is named, could cause significant property damage following its hurricane force winds so now is the time to prepare and check you have the necessary insurance cover in place to ensure you are fully protected.

Land Owners

If you own a woodland or a field that has trees on it for which you are responsible then you should check that you have liability cover for any injury, damage or disruptions caused by a tree falling.  Even a single branch coming off can land on a vehicle or a member of the public which could result in a large insurance claim being made against you.

If you do not have the appropriate insurance in place then you should consider taking out woodland insurance or field insurance to provide protection from any liability claims made against you.

Property Insurance

As a property owner, whether it is the home you live in yourself or a property you let to tenants, it is always a worry when bad weather is heading towards your house.  With the correct buildings and contents cover in place, storm damage will provide financial protection for damage that the strong winds may cause to your property.

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Tree Surgeons

With the potential for a lot of fallen trees that need attention, you may find that if you are a tree feller or tree surgeon, you are inundated with work over the forthcoming week.  With that in mind, make sure you have the appropriate liability cover in place for you and your business.  If you are self-employed individual then public liability insurance is important in case you cause further damage or injury while dealing with the tree in question.

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We advise everyone to read their policy book when they are taking out their insurance cover so they are aware of their insurance companies claims procedure before the worst happens.  Most insurers will offer a 24/7 claims helpline phone number (which is normally found in the policy booklet) to provide assistance, advice or to report a claim.  If you need any further help or advice then please visit our claims information page or contact our office.