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Ashburnham Insurance provide comprehensive public liability insurance for all types of tree surgeons, from arborists and foresters to loggers, lumberjacks and tree fellers.

Why Tree Surgeons need liability insurance

There are many obvious risks for this trade. Most of these come from the wide variety of tools and equipment which is used. Most of these have sharp edges and therefore create a relatively high safety issue to members of the public. Also, the felling of trees means nearby property run the risk of being damaged. It is therefore essential to have in place the appropriate public liability insurance policy.

This cover provides protection from accidents that happen during tree surgery work that you could be liable for, which in turn could result in financial difficulties for you and your company. Public liability insurance for tree surgeons is not compulsory by law but vital to ensure your business’ financial stability.

Common types of claims

  • A branch that you have removed with your chainsaw falls and smashes into a window of a nearby house
  • Your chipper sends out a chunk of wood which injures a member of the public walking past
  • A chainsaw is dropped from a tree and lands on top of a nearby car causing considerable damage

This cover is optional but should be highly considered. Furthermore, if you have employees using rigging equipment such as ropes to climb tree trunks, you may wish to consider employers liability insurance in case they have an accident. You may also want to consider plant cover for any chippers, mulchers, shredders or splitters that you use.

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Public Liability Insurance for Tree Surgeons

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What types of insurance coverage do I need as a tree surgeon?

Tree surgeons work in a high-risk environment due to the heights involved and the use of high-powered machinery. Many of the tools and equipment used can be extremely heavy and have sharp edges. So the risks associated with the profession are not unimaginable. Some of the main types of insurance recommended for tree surgeons include:

Public Liability Insurance – Tree surgeons and arboriculturalists also face the risk of legal action being taken against them by the public for personal injury or property damage that they may be liable for.
Employer’s Liability Insurance – If you run a tree surgery or arborist business and have employees using rigging equipment such as ropes to climb tree trunks, you need employers liability insurance in case they have an accident. Employers Liability insurance is compulsory and protects both employees and the business in the event that an injury happens at work.
Professional Indemnity Insurance – Perhaps your line of work doesn’t deal directly with the trimming or removal of trees and you purely provide a consulting service. Professional liability insurance would then be highly recommended.
Plant Cover – You may also want to consider plant cover for any heavy machinery that you use during your work, such as chippers, mulchers, shredders and splitters.

Do I need tree surgeons insurance to cover my Arborist tools and equipment?

Being a tree surgeon involves the use of tools and equipment to scale the tree. It can sometimes mean wearing harnesses and spurred chainsaw boots to dig the spikes into the tree as you step up. Tools cover is available as an extension to public liability insurance for tree surgeons, to protect you against the loss, theft or damage of your climbing equipment, chainsaws and other handheld tools.

Is public liability insurance for tree surgeons a legal requirement?

Public liability insurance for tree surgeons isn’t a legal requirement but it does provide important cover for tree surgeon businesses. It covers your business financially if you are sued for injury or damage, at your business premises, at a customer’s home or even if you are conducting business out in the public.

As a tree surgeon, what happens if I have no public liability insurance?

If someone makes a claim against your arborist business and you don’t have public liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for everything yourself. If the claimant is successful, this could include large settlement fees for damage or personal injury, and even the costs of the legal fees for the person making a claim against you.