A consultation is under way with regards to a licence required by anyone letting their property. This new scheme will require all landlords to sign up to a national register before they can rent out their property.

The idea is to keep track of “rogue” landlords for the protection tenants. Quite often tenants will move into a property and be subject to a minimum lease requirement. Upon entering the agreement, the landlord may not fulfil their end of the bargain (i.e. maintaining the property, etc).

The obvious downsides to this scheme is that existing landlords will cause an uproar on the fact that it will cost money (a figure which is yet to be determined) to be on this register. The thing is, it will hopefully make renting more lucrative to tenants who can be more sure that the landlord they are about to rent is reputable.

Landlords who fail to do what they should be doing will be blacklisted from the register and will then be unable to rent their property out. I think this is a good idea but they cannot make the costs to high, if anything at all, as it will do more harm than good with another extra cost to people who are probably renting their property and only just breaking even on their costs.

2 Responses to New Landlord Licence
  1. Well the new landlord licence that is coming in will hopefully stop this person from acting the way they are.

    I doubt that there is anything you can do for things that have happened in the past but if this landlord continues to act like this, they will soon be blacklisted.

  2. Is there any way to blacklist a former landlord. The tenants of the property were obliged to pay cash, the landlord would not accept bank transactions, the landlord would come to the house at any point, open doors to rooms, not give notice of coming to the premises. The landlord has not paid out deposits to several tenants. The landlord is most likely not paying taxes on this property or the property is not listed on her name but on the name of her daughter. The landlord is still renting out the flat, although she was reported to Her Majesty’s Tax and Revenue Office.

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