Business Spring Clean

As the spring breeze begins to sweep away the chill of winter, it’s not just nature that transforms – it’s the perfect time for businesses to consider a fresh start. As we open windows to let in the fresh air, business owners and managers alike should take a moment to assess whether their business could benefit from a thorough spring clean. From organising the clutter of the last year to refreshing your business plan, now is the perfect moment to breathe new life into your business endeavours.

Here at Ashburnham, we’re exploring how you can refresh your company this year and start a new season strong.

Business Spring Clean Infographic

Get Organised

As you leave the rush of the previous year in your wake, taking some time to realign everything can help you to better approach the coming months. Sorting through your administrative documentation can prove invaluable when it comes to creating a strong and optimal foundation for the coming year and beyond. Whether you need to start from scratch and better categorise paperwork, or simply get together those stray pieces and sort them into their relevant places, getting your business organised and back to square one is a must when starting a new year. Taking the time to ‘spring clean’ and produce a solid organisational structure, you can maintain that organisation year-round and improve efficiency in the meantime.

Ensure Your Insurance Policies Are Accurate

If you let your business insurance tick over each year, you certainly wouldn’t be alone but this could be costing you more than you might think. Your business is constantly changing in ways that you might not even consider – more staff, higher income and more products stored on the premises can all add up over time and as a result, leave you underinsured when it matters most. Updating your policy each year will ensure that you remain properly covered and protected. Our team can help you not only find a policy to suit your business but also support you through renewals each year to ensure that you are always getting the best cover for you.

Revisit Your Business Plan

Having a solid business plan is a must in any company but a good spring clean can also be the perfect time to truly streamline and adjust your business plan with any new changes or avenues that you want to explore. Whether you’ve grown faster than expected, or slower than expected, or your business has taken an entirely different turn from what you first expected, revisiting your business plan and assessing where you are can be a great way to regain direction for the next year. It’s also the perfect time to make any changes that you want or need to make so you can better understand where you are in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t Forget About Marketing

Marketing is a crucial part of spreading the word about your business. Whether you utilise paid advertising, SEO, word-of-mouth marketing or other more traditional types, it’s always good to take time to touch base with how they’re going. Are your marketing efforts proving to be fruitful? Are you spending too much or too little on different types? How are your social media presence and engagement rates? By assessing your current state, you can better determine whether any changes need to be made in order to improve.

Physically Clean!

Aside from everyday cleaning, our offices, shops and other business premises can often go without a deep clean. Where time and money are spent on running and improving the business itself, it can be something easily overlooked. This year, take the time to properly deep clean your area to truly start new and fresh. Whether you break out the hoover and duster yourself, pay a service to come in and get into all the nooks and crannies, or even freshen things up with a lick of paint, embarking on a new business journey with a fresh environment behind you can help to boost morale and work ethic. 

Take A Look At Learning Opportunities

The world is constantly changing and as a result, our industries usually do very much the same. From technological advancements to changes to licencing and rules, understanding the industry you work in is a must, and one way to ensure you stay up to date is through learning opportunities. Whether that’s taking time to implement training programmes, or simply encouraging learning amongst you and your staff, a bit of extra time spent learning can improve how your business operates in the coming months. 

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