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Anyone who’s had one eye on the news over the past year will know that the UK is in the midst of an energy crisis. We are seeing some of the most substantial and arguably scary energy price hikes to grace the country in decades, with families unsure how they are going to keep the lights on and the heating running this winter. As people eagerly search for alternatives that can help save the pennies, solar panels and green energy have been making their way to the forefront of the conversation – but could they really be the answer to rising energy costs? We’re taking a look, below.

How Much Have Energy Costs Risen?

Energy prices in the UK had previously been steady or only gradual rises between 2010 and 2017, however, began to rise in 2018. From an average of 16.5p per kWh in 2017 to 17.8p in 2018, then 19.4p in 2019 and 19.6p in 202, the prices were rising but doing so relatively slowly. However, between 2020 and 2021, prices jumped considerably, reaching an average of 21.2p per kWh in 2021, and then 28.3p per kWh by April 2022. The prices only continued to rise and recent price caps have put the average energy cost for a dual-fuel direct debit household at 34p per kWh. While this will differ from home to home, it is a jump that many families may not be able to comfortably afford. 

Could Solar Panels Help Lower Energy Costs?

Solar panels, despite being on the radar as an alternative energy source, have often been overlooked by families who may be put off by the initial cost. However, with energy costs rising as they are, research suggests that the average home could offset the cost within 10 years and save on their bills in the meantime. A three-bedroom home could break even on the cost of a solar panel within 10 years, as well as save an average of £520 each year on the cost of their energy.

What Are The Benefits?

Alongside the potential to save money on energy bills, households across the UK could be looking for additional reasons to make the switch. There are a number of benefits to having solar panels installed, including: 

  • Reduced Energy Bills – As mentioned before, solar panels will help you cut down on your energy bills and you could even earn additional income by selling back energy you’ve generated but haven’t used back to the grid.
  • Reduced Footprint – Solar power is, as we all know, a greener form of energy and having panels installed on your home will help you reduce your carbon footprint. In other words, solar panels will not only benefit you, but they will benefit the environment too.
  • Easy Installation – It’s surprisingly easy to have solar panels installed in most cases! A qualified installation technician will install your solar panels with minimal disruption and get you up and running quickly.

What You Can Do As A Solar Panel Installer

If you work within the solar panel industry as an installer, you may be wondering what the energy price changes mean for you. With an over 800% rise in enquiries UK-wide for solar panels as a result of not only rising energy, but the bright, hot summer we’ve had, it’s a given that demand is already on the rise. For installers and technicians, this means that it’s important to get your business ready for an increase in jobs that could be rolling in soon if it hasn’t already. Some of the key things you should consider include: 

  • Customer service – Is your customer service ready for an increase in enquiries? If you can offer fast, accurate and friendly service to customers making their initial enquiries, you can better stand out amongst your competitors as a company worth choosing for the job. 
  • Get your insurance up to date – Having a good insurance policy in place is crucial for operating safely as a business. Public Liability Insurance for Solar Panel Installers provides financial support and protection in the case of claims made against you by members of the public. If a client were to be injured during a job or you were to damage their property, public liability insurance will provide monetary support for legal fees, compensation and any loss of earnings as a result of the claim. 
  • Marketing – Now is the time to invest in your marketing to get your name out there. Offering informative but friendly advertising and marketing efforts can help you stand out from the crows and put you in a good position as demand grows.

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