How Big Is An Acre

When it comes to insuring your land, you’ll often be asked to give the size of the space in acres in order to accurately and effectively calculate your cover. For those who don’t typically measure in acres, it can be challenging to picture this for yourself. Whether you have never used acres before or are simply not quite sure, we’ve put together this handy infographic to help you convert and visualise just how many acres your land might be.

How Big Is An Acre Infographic

The Conversions

An Acre is considered to be an area that is one furlong long and four rods wide, which probably sounds even more alien to most of us than acres themselves. They were first calculated according to how much land could be ploughed with a yoke of oxen in a day. Nowadays, acres are a more accessible form of measurement and one that can be more easily converted. When it comes to any unit of measurement, conversions can often make it easier to understand or visualise the size of something if you are more familiar with one than another. Acres can easily be converted into square metres, square miles, hectares and more: 

  • Hectare – 0.45
  • Square Metre – 4046
  • Square Kilometre – 0.0045 
  • Square Foot  – 43560 
  • Square Yard – 4840
  • Square Miles – 0.0016

But What Does That Look Like?

Having things written down in numbers is one thing, but visualising it is very different, particularly if you’re new to measuring in acres. Thankfully, there are a few comparisons you can make to help you better picture what to expect from an acre: 

  • Walk it in 35.61 seconds – You can walk an acre in around 35.61 seconds when walking at 4mph
  • 75% of a football pitch – An acre is around 75% of a standard professional-sized  football pitch
  • 18 average-sized homes – 18 mid-size homes take up around an acre of space in total 
  • Around 1594 potatoes – Laid out, it would take around 1594 potatoes to stretch the length of an acre
  • 16 tennis courts – 16 tennis courts laid in a four-by-four formation would amount to around an acre
  • 242 sedans – 242 midsize sedan vehicles parked together would total around an acre

If you are asked for the acreage of your property, having a better idea of what an acre is can go a long way to helping you work it out and better calculate your insurance premiums. We’re on hand to help if you’re still unsure, so you can get your land insurance right the first time. Call Ashburnham Insurance on FREEPHONE 0800 1696137.

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