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Summer 2022 is set to be another busy one in the UK, with some still dubious about travelling abroad for their holidays. For this reason, restaurants and other hospitality businesses should expect to see a busy few months, and being prepared can help you to manage the crowds effectively and protect your business throughout.

From making sure you have the right insurance policies in place, to updating any insurance details, refining your customer service and changing up some of your business practices to streamline them, we have gathered some of our top tips to help protect your restaurant business throughout Summer 2022 and beyond.

Make Sure You Have The Right Insurance Policy

Insurance policies exist to provide protection to businesses in the case of accidents, whether that accident involved an employee, a customer or even equipment. Having the right policies in place can help to ensure that your business remains financially protected in the worst-case scenario.

Public Liability Insurance, for example, will provide protection in cases where a customer has fallen ill or been injured as a result of your business practice or while on your business premises. Employers’ liability, on the other hand, provides protection for you and your employees in the case that they fall ill or are injured at work. You could also opt for Shop Insurance, which is a type of building insurance designed to protect your restaurant against any damage to the building or contents, as well as any theft. Some shop insurance policies may also offer liability insurance included.

Update Any Insurance Details

If you haven’t updated your insurance details lately, now is the time to double-check all of the information and data included in your policy. From simple address changes to updates to how many customers you are likely to serve, as well as any new equipment, income levels or even new staff levels. Without the correct details, claims may not be paid out effectively as the cover may not be correct.

Utilise Online Reservation Systems

Streamlining reservations in busy times is the best way to ensure that tables are filled and people are kept happy when dining at your restaurant. For small restaurants, reservations can be daunting simply because cancellations can affect a night’s income, however, it can replace these customers with others who may have otherwise left because the wait for a table was too long. Online reservation systems make it simple for diners to check for availability from the comfort of their own home and make reservations at a time that suits them best, ultimately helping to streamline the customer experience overall.

Be Honest And Transparent With Customers

Honesty and transparency are key features that customers look for when it comes to the businesses that they interact with. Being clear about wait times for food, drinks or what availability you have for certain dishes or meals at any one time can help to ensure that customers are kept in the loop when it’s needed. If you have free tables, utilising social media to make loyal customers aware that you have space can help fill those empty spaces, while operating an ongoing social media presence can give customers access to staff members that can answer their questions about menus, availability and more without long phone wait times, or the need to make a call at all.

Refine Your Customer Service

Following on from the point above, refining your customer service ahead of the rush can help to ensure that your staff are prepared for what can be some difficult shifts. Customer service can be something as simple as providing activities for children to keep them occupied during long waits, offering comfortable waiting areas for parties that are willing to wait for a table, and ensuring that tables are checked on relatively regularly to ensure diners remain content and happy with the service. Offering good remote customer service, such as surveys, online chats, social media and phone access can also help to ensure that any complaints or concerns can be addressed before they become a bigger issue.

Keep Things Clean

While COVID may not be at the forefront of the news lately, it is still a concern that plagues a number of the customers that may visit your restaurant. Alongside COVID, general hygiene is also a concern that a lot of consumers have when eating out. Being able to not only maintain good hygiene according to guidelines and health and safety rules, but for customers to feel like this is the case as they dine can help to keep your business protected against illness claims, and keep you popular during a time where competition is at its highest. 

If you own a restaurant and are in need of insurance to prepare for the summer rush, we are on hand to help. Get in touch with Ashburnham Insurance for more information or for a quote, today.

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