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Starting a business can be a daunting prospect and if you aren’t sure whether you want to embark on such a mammoth task, you certainly aren’t alone. From deciding on the business you want to start, to financing the project, to making sure that you have everything you need and all of the licenses and insurance in place, we’ve put together a few helpful questions and answers to get you started.

Reasons To Start a Guttering & Fascia Board Business

If you’re unsure about starting your own business in the guttering and fascia board industry, you first need to stop and think about why you might want to start one in the first place. Is it a trade that you’re trained in and have come to love? Are you looking for financial and job independence? 

  • There Are Very Few Hoops To Jump Through – With the exception of the usual start-up necessities for any business, such as licences, insurance and registration, there are actually very few things needed to be able to start up a guttering and fascia board business. There’s very little equipment needed, very few people necessary and the supplies required to start up are few, particularly if you’re only installing gutters and not manufacturing it yourself.
  • Financial Freedom – Running your own business gives you a sense of financial freedom that you won’t get working for another company. As a business owner, you’ll not only have control over your own ‘wages’, but you can choose, within reason, how much work you do or don’t take on at any one time. Depending on the success of your business, you could have a lot of money coming in in a short amount of time, or you can choose to ease things off and take it easy if you’re looking for a break. 
  • Independence And Control – When running your own business in any industry, you have better independence and control over your work and your personal life. If you’ve previously worked for a guttering company, the freedom and control that you will gain through having your own business is unrivalled. You can control your schedule, your staff and become more independent in the work that you do and don’t take on. You get to call the shots, which can ensure you get the freedom to embark on a job you enjoy.
  • Sustainability – For as long as guttering and fascia boards are needed, you will have a job. Old houses with old guttering may need replacing, new builds will need guttering and fascia boards and so in most cases, a guttering business is a sustainable, long-term business venture that can keep going for years, if handled properly.

When Is The Best Time To Start?

The best time to start any business will ultimately depend on the industry itself, but for guttering and fascia installation, this can depend on a few key factors including the weather, and the current economy.

The weather, for example, may affect how much work you have at any one time of the year. In the UK, our winters are notoriously wet and cold, which doesn’t make for very safe or pleasant conditions for installing new guttering and fascia boards. Spring or early summer, however, tend to be more pleasant and a better time to step out into the business. Spring, in particular, will give you the opportunity to hit the ground running, giving you the opportunity to earn enough by the cooler months to maintain the business.

It’s also worth noting the economy at the time. While functional guttering is a must-have, some people might put off having their guttering changed, or there may be a shortage of demand if not many houses are being built at a particular time. Business owners should know and follow the economy at all times to determine the best time to start and any measures that might be needed to keep the business going during tough economic times.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you want to start your guttering and fascia board business, there are a few things you can do to get started on a strong foot. These include:

  • Learn The Trade – Without learning the trade, you can’t do the job and so it’s important that you get any extra training you need to be able to do the job safely. The more training you have and can prove, the more trustworthy you will appear to your clients, with better work produced overall.
  • Register With The Government – All businesses need to be registered with the government, though the process may differ depending on the type of business that you wish to start. You need to research different business structures, including Sole Trader, public limited companies (PLC), private company limited by shares (LTD), company limited by guarantee, unlimited company (UNLTD), Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Community Interest Company, Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) and Royal Charter (RC).
  • Get The Right Insurance – Having Employers Liability Insurance, if you are hiring employees, is a legal requirement, but it is also highly advised to also opt for a good Public Liability Insurance policy too. This will protect your clients and your business in case of claims made due to injuries to clients, or damage caused by your work. You can find out more about these policies here on our website, or get in touch with our team for help with applying.
  • Get The Tools And Safety Equipment – You need the right tools to get started, as well as any and all safety equipment. This should all be included in the startup costs. You should consider a vehicle to travel between jobs that are big enough to carry all equipment, a gutter machine (if needed), as well as all installation tools, a ladder, ladder rack, marketing for your business, and any vehicle, liability and even tools insurance to ensure that you are covered for all potential situations.

When it comes to starting up a business, there are plenty of things to consider, but hopefully, our guide has helped you decide whether a guttering and fascia board business is the right avenue for you. For more information or to apply for an insurance quote, get in touch with Ashburnham Insurance today.

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