Business Industries Growing 2021

It’s been tough for business during the last 12 months. Adjusting to life with restrictions due to Coronavirus means that consumer behaviours and habits are changing rapidly and this is undeniably having a large impact on almost every industry. Here we take a look at 6 business industries that are lucky enough to be growing successfully during 2021.

Business Industries Growing 2021 Infographic

#1 Online Marketplaces

Fuelled by the pandemic, more and more people are now shopping online. During the peak of the outbreak online grocer Ocado had to suspend all new orders until it could clear its backlog of deliveries. But whilst some marketplaces struggled to add capacity, online giant Amazon added 100,000 new jobs to help control the extra demand.

#2 Pharmaceuticals

As many businesses around the globe suffered the impact of the pandemic, experiencing financial losses and seeing workers are without jobs, pharmaceutical companies took centre stage in the fight against Coronavirus. The pharmaceutical industry has seen positive growth and a flurry of innovation in infectious diseases. 

#3 Logistics & Delivery

Throughout the last year, a large percentage of people have been under strict lockdowns, not permitted to leave their homes unless for very limited purposes. This has meant that many products have needed to be delivered. UK food delivery services adapted to the huge demand by creating a “no-contact drop-off services”, with restaurants delivering food using additional packaging and seals so that orders could be left on customers’ doorsteps.

#4 Streaming Platforms

In recent years, the popularity of video broadcasting platforms like YouTube and Netflix has increased considerably and streaming platforms like Netflix, Prime, and Disney Plus all reported an increase in viewership during the last 12 months. Online gaming platforms have also experienced record numbers.

#5 Cleaning Services

It comes as no surprise that professional cleaning services are highly sought after. Demand has increased substantially for the cleaning of public buildings and medical facilities in light of Coronavirus, with the need for more frequent deep cleaning.

#6 Video Conferencing

Video conferencing service Zoom benefited massively during the last 12 months. Skype and Microsoft Teams also witnessed a major uptick in sales. Boosted by the special deals that they offered for their conferencing services during the outbreak.

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