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Car park insurance for an area of land where the public can temporarily park their private motor vehicles may not be something that you have considered before, but it is highly recommended that you do. Here are 6 commonly asked questions about car park insurance at Ashburnham Insurance.

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#1 Why do I need car park insurance?

There are a number of reasons that you need car park insurance for a private car park. Although most car park collisions are handled by the driver’s car insurance, any damage caused to the vehicle by the land and its features could become your responsibility.

#2 Am I liable for injury caused to the public in my car park?

If someone hurts themselves in your car park, due to circumstances out of their control, you could also see a claim placed against you. Someone could be walking to their parking spot within the boundaries of your car park and trip and injure themselves because of a pothole or poor car park maintenance.

#3 Does my insurance policy include cover for barriers?

There are a variety of car park accidents that could happen in a car park owned by you, which could then see you liable for any costs that may be incurred. This includes individuals hitting their head on car park barriers. There is the option to add features such as electric gates and automatic barriers to your car park insurance policy at Ashburnham Insurance. This may add a small extra cost to your policy but provides added protection for any injury or damage these may cause.

#4 Do I need insurance for car park employees?

If you hire any staff to work in your car park then you must have employer’s liability insurance. This should cover all full-time, part-time, self-employed and temporary staff, as well as any apprentices or voluntary workers. Inspectors can ask you to present your Employers Liability certificate.

#5 How much cover do I need for my car park?

At Ashburnham Insurance we provide car park insurance with a minimum indemnity of £1,000,000, rising to £10,000,000 depending on your needs. We can also provide private road insurance for roads that may be used to get to and from your car park.

#6 How long does a person have to make a claim?

3 years is currently the time span of which an individual has to make a claim against a car park for personal injury.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding car park insurance CALL FREEPHONE 0800 1696137 to speak to an advisor at Ashburnham Insurance.

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