Unoccupied Home Insurance

Empty homes present more of a risk than occupied homes. Without a homeowner or tenant present, an unoccupied property is at risk of theft and vandalism, fire or flood damage and damage caused by squatters.

Unoccupied Home Insurance Infographic

Some of the risks that are generally covered by an unoccupied home insurance policy include:

  • Fire damage – Fire damage to an unoccupied property can be devastating.
  • Burst pipes – If there is an uncontrollable leak or a pipe bursts causing flooding.
  • Theft and vandalism – If somebody breaks in to steal or damage your property.
  • Legal expenses – You may need to pay expenses in the event of evicting squatters.

Some of the risks that are generally not covered by an unoccupied home insurance policy include:

  • Unforced entry – Do not leave your windows or doors unlocked as this will void your insurance policy.
  • Building work – If you have building work or renovations carried out, any damage to the property may not be covered.

Generally, with unoccupied insurance, you can get various levels of cover that will either cover just the basic cover or you can pay a higher premium to get a more comprehensive policy. The cheapest policy isn’t always the best, look for an unoccupied home insurance policy that covers everything you need.

If you have a property that is unoccupied and you want to get it insured, then you can get an unoccupied home insurance quotation with Ashburnham Insurance. CALL FREE ON 0800 1696137 to find out more.

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