8 Reasons To Use Small Businesses In 2020

With major brands competing for customers and the explosion of online shopping, starting a successful small business is a challenge. Here are 8 reasons to use small businesses in 2020.

8 Reasons To Use Small Businesses In 2020 Infographic

  • SMALL BUSINESS IS GREAT FOR THE ECONOMY – For every £1 spent with a small business, between 50p – 70p circulates back into that local economy.
  • SMALL BUSINESS IS BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – Produce from a local farm has a much shorter distance to travel from the field to your plate than if you bought it at a supermarket.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES CREATE LOCAL JOBS – Small businesses employ over 16 million people in the UK and are responsible for 60% of all private-sector employment.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES ARE THE HEART OF THE COMMUNITY – Small businesses often host and support local causes and charities and the high street is almost always the heart of the community.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES ARE OFTEN FAMILY BUSINESSES – 85% of all UK businesses are family-owned, while reports say that 57% of the UK’s independent small businesses are family-run.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES ARE HAPPIER BUSINESSES – Half of those working at a small business said they were happy in their jobs. Small retailers also provide the highest job satisfaction.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES VALUE CUSTOMER LOYALTY – Small businesses will always go above and beyond to build-up a loyal customer base. They typically know your name as well as what you’re having.
  • SMALL BUSINESSES CREATE HEALTHY COMPETITION – Small businesses keep big brands on their toes. This type of healthy competition results in better services and savings for customers.

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