Top 10 Christmas Insurance Claims

For homeowners, having any type of accident in your home over Christmas can really be enough to destroy any festive cheer. Many of us over-indulge during the Christmas period making December one of the busiest months of the year for insurance claims, including theft, fire and personal injury. Check out our infographic on the top 10 Christmas insurance claims.

Top 10 Christmas Insurance Claims Infographic

  1. Falling through the attic – This time of year sees many people climbing up into their attic to bring down the Christmas decorations. Each year we hear stories of people accidentally stepping between the joists in the ceiling and putting a foot through the floor. Be careful where you tread!
  2. Naked Flames – Candles really create the perfect atmosphere for Christmas and Advent Candles are traditionally used for the Christmas countdown. However, any naked flame will pose a fire risk to your home. Do not attach candles to your Christmas tree and do not leave candles burning unsupervised.
  3. Falling off ladders – Another falling hazard that usually occurs when putting up or taking down Christmas decorations. Inside or outside, you should never climb ladders unsupervised and always make sure that ladders are stable before climbing.
  4. Faulty fairy lights – Faulty fairy lights are one of the main causes of Christmas tree fires. Always ensure that you switch off your fairy lights and unplug them before you go to bed or leave the room.
  5. Burning the dinner – It’s easy to forget that you have something cooking in the oven. Especially if you’ve overindulged on the holiday booze. Avoid cooking whilst drunk. As well as ruining the Christmas dinner, you’ll damage your pots, pans and even your cooker.
  6. Burst pipes – During December the temperatures in the UK drop to freezing. This is when water pipes are most prone to bursting. Install pipe lagging and leave your heating on a constant low heat or turn your water supply off at the mains.
  7. Spilt wine – Over the Christmas period, there is usually much more drinking than usual. As such, a common accident for the festive period is spilling red or mulled wine on the carpet or other soft furnishings. Try to keep bottles and glasses away from small children, pets and over-indulgent adults.
  8. Defrosted freezer – There is not much that can be done when a freezer fails, but it can be particularly costly if this happens after doing the Christmas food shop leaving the whole lot to be thrown away. If you need a new freezer, invest in one before Christmas and if your freezer does fail, ask the neighbours if you can borrow theirs.
  9. Excitable adults – Along with Christmas comes the parties, singing and dancing. We don’t want to be a party-pooper but alcohol and excited adults rarely mix well. Make sure that you clear the room of anything breakable, otherwise a tipsy adult might find themselves breaking your valuables.
  10. Stolen Presents – By far the most common, and upsetting, Christmas claim on insurance is for stolen presents. Especially nowadays, when there is an abundance of expensive gifts such as electrical gadgets. Do not leave your presents wrapped under the tree for all to see and if you go out in the evening, leave your lights on at home.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Ashburnham Insurance!

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