Why The Future Is Solar Panels

Day after day, people across the planet work to implement changes to their lifestyle in order to make the planet a more environmentally friendly place to be, in order to ensure the future of our planet is a long-lasting one. Solar panels are one of these changes, here’s why.

Why The Future Is Solar Panels Infographic


Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight and transforming it into a form of energy that can then be used to make electricity. The more sunlight that the panel receives upon its surface, the more potential it has.

  • In 2019, Europe has the most solar installed capacity, standing at 43.7%

  • Renewable energy accounts for over 2/3 of new power added to the world’s grids

  • Over 670,000 homeowners, businesses, farmers, schools and groups use solar in the UK

Did you know? The UK is installing solar panels faster than any other European country


The increase in solar panel usage is providing many advantages, from electricity bill savings, a low carbon footprint, an increase in your property value and enhanced energy benefits.

  • In 2020, it is expected that 10 million homes will be equipped with solar panels

  • By 2030, solar power will likely be cheaper in comparison to other energy sources such as gas and fossil fuel


For the homeowner: Home Insurance

Solar panel insurance coverage can be covered with most home insurance policies that you may already have for your home. As solar panels are attached to your home, they’ll be seen as part of your property and therefore if any damage arises, will be covered.

For the installer: Public Liability Insurance For Solar Panel Installers

This policy offers comprehensive insurance for solar panel installers who install such panels on both domestic and commercial properties. Common types of claims may include dropping a PV panel off a roof onto a vehicle below, not securing a solar panel correctly which in tune hits a passerby or by smashing a window whilst on the property.

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