Wind Damage Insurance

With unfortunate weather causing problems, an insurance policy may just be what you need to stay protected. Wondering what policy would be best for you? Read on…

Did you know?

  • 1 in every 40 insured homes has a property damage claim related to wind or hail each year
  • Wind property damage is the third highest claim severity, after bodily injury/property damage liability and a house fire
  • 25% of all homeowners claims are due to exterior wind-related damage

What policy is best for me?

  • Landlord Building Insurance –

    If you’re a landlord and own various properties, ensuring these properties are protected no matter the situation is vital. With landlord buildings insurance, you can be covered on the physical aspects of your property from storm damage.

  • Home Insurance –

    Home insurance happily covers you for any risks that your home may be involved in. It’s common for this to include storm damage, of which encapsulates issues occurred by wind, such as fallen tiles or chimneys from your property.

  • Woodland Insurance –

    Woodland insurance protects you in case of any issues following an incident with a member of the public in your wooded area. This could include a tree falling onto a car parked underneath or unkempt woodland severely injuring an individual.

What happens if you don’t have an insurance policy?

It is of most importance that you have the right insurance policy in place for when disaster does strike, so that any damage to your roof tiles, the chimney or other parts of your home exterior can be covered for when a claim is submitted. If you do not have an insurance policy in place, you may be required to pay out in full for any damage to your home, as well as any third-party damages to other people’s property or to themselves. When it comes to weather-related damage, the price to be paid out can sometimes be significantly more.

Wind Damage Insurance Infographic

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