Injuries On Private Land

Private land injuries may result in a big payout. With no insurance, you may be liable.

  • A six-year-old boy who injured his hand on a decorative steel spike after private property trespass and won a payout of 6,500 euros.
  • A woman who was hit by cafe umbrella on land owned by Disneyland, triggering seizures, won a $500,000 payout from Disney.
  • A man who was walking across private land and was hit by an uninsured car won a payout of 1 million euros.

When it comes to private land injuries, here’s what you need to know:

Private commercial property owners must still follow the Health and Safety Act and maintain a safe environment for any visitors upon their land.

If an individual becomes injured on your private property, then it is the landowner who could find themselves in court facing charges.

A correct insurance policy, such as one that offers public liability, will compensate you if you’re sued for injury or damage to third party property.

Private land claim costs can include…

  • General damages: a payout for injuries, pain and suffering.
  • Special damages: out of pocket expenses such as not being able to work, vehicle repair, counselling, travel and childcare expenses.
  • Ongoing medical expenses and emergency treatment

Injuries On Private Land Infographic

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